IBM Interview Experience CSE 2018

I had applied for the IBM recruitment drive this year, the details of which are given below. The most surprising part is we had to undergo, 3 rounds of written tests before the final interview!

Round 1:

It was an online test, which consisted of MCQs based on number series. The difficulty level was medium according to me, as in many questions, it was too hard to guess what might the next number be. And another twist was, some questions seemed to follow multiple patterns, so in order to hit it right, our answer had to match the actual logic. There was no negative marking, hence I attempted all the questions. The test lasted for about an hour.

The results were declared almost immediately after the test. I had cleared the first round.

Round 2:

The second round was again an online test based on “Business English”. In this test, we were provided with blanks in each question – which mainly consisted of business letters. For example, there was a question asking to find the right order of mentioning the sender’s and receiver’s address in a formal letter. There were other questions on business etiquettes as well. There was no negative marking in this test, and it lasted for 20 minutes.

Again the results were declared as soon as everyone had completed the test.

I had cleared the second round.

Round 3:

The third round was the programming round which consisted of a 1 hour long test at hackerrank. The test consisted of 10 programming based MCQs along with one coding question. The MCQs had negative marking. The coding score, as in any other online coding test, was supposed to be calculated based on the number of test cases passed. I attempted all the MCQs.( They were of moderate difficulty level, but I was able to solve them). They were mostly based on OOPs, Classes and Functions, Operator precedence and Error detection. The coding question was to check if a given string was a valid email address or not (With the given constraints). I had passed 4/5 test cases in this( last one was most probably, a presentation error, according to me. I didn’t have enough time to verify my code).

Almost all the students had cleared this round. All these 3 rounds were on the first day of the drive. Next day again we had to report for the PI.

Round 4:

The day started with a brief presentation about the company, followed by the interview. The students were divided into panels, according to which they were supposed to report to their respective HRs, when their name was called out. My interview started with a brief introduction about myself. Then I was asked about both of my internships in great detail(one was based on IOT and another, a research internship). I was asked about the practical implementation of the concepts I learnt during these internships, and also about the algorithms I used, in the research internship. I was also asked about some of my projects which I had mentioned in my CV and the technologies which I had used to build them. Lastly, I was asked about my future aspirations and ambitions. Overall it was a nice interaction, and the interview went on smoothly.

The results were declared after about 3-4 days, I was selected 🙂

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