IBM Interview Experience

Round 1: This was a Technical round or called a machine round, where we were given 2 codes. We were supposed to run and execute both the codes within a span of 45 minutes. After that, each and every candidate got the link of aptitude test which contains mathematical problems, numeral, and logical activity.

But the major task was the speed because every question was limited and restrained to some time limit, So speed is the major tool to develop in one.

Round 2: Now those who cleared the first round were selected for the second, which English or can say Verbal ability test. In this section, Number of questions were just 5, but the difficulty level was extreme Only 1/3 of the students got cleared in the English test.

Round 3: After that, fortunately, who got cleared in the 2 round was called for the interview on the very next day, and there was totally face to face communication, no computers, and no testing just manual testing was going on.They asked us about our projects and some simple HR sort of questions. It was quite a good experience and checks our spontaneity as well.

So working and solving various levels of questions on extremely better platforms, will always take you to your path. Thanks to Geeks for Geeks for giving us that opportunity, where we can not just learn but can also share our experiences as well.


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