CaterPillar Interview Experience (IT and CSE stream)

Round 1: This round was divided into two rounds, aptitude and online coding 

Aptitude had both quantitative and technical aptitude questions. quantitative apti consists of basic questions based on time and distance, train and such. Technical aptitude had questions from various topics including Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, JS), OS, DBMS and others

Since it was in AMCAT make sure you are absolute about the answer before selecting the answer cuz you cannot go back once u click sumbit

Online programming round had 2 basic questions mine were

  1. list the prime numbers between 2 and given number
  2. given two strings find the extra character in first string

even if you cannot pass all test cases make sure your code compiles completely, they also give partial score based on implementation logic. This was also in amcat so time is of essence.

Round 2: Group Discussion

This was your typical GD there were about 10 students in each panel  we had about 2 topics and 5-7min for each

Round 3: TECHNICAL cum HR

Here mainly my projects were discussed I had a project in IMAGE PROCESSING and a mini project in Angular I discussed in lengths about it and OOPS related topics were also discussed like:

Difference between Abstract class and Interface

How to create an object for abstract class

Explain some of the concepts I like in Java

Two basic program questions (Remove a given character in a String and given an array display its pyramid by added the two adjacent numbers i.e. i and i+1)

How I keep my self updated technology wise.

Difference between java and JavaScript

Why use JavaScript?

Can we use JavaScript for server side scripting Node Js)

The HR questions were generic like:

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Why should we hire you?

Why choose caterpillar?

Are you willing to work in embedded system?

They went through all the points in my CV.

After I finished explaining my projects it was sort of like stress interview there were two members in the panel and they didn’t want the most optimized solution for the progs but just how I approach the program


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