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HSBC interview Experience for SDE

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HSBC came to our college for SDE profile Hiring.

1st Round:

Four Coding Questions to be done in 2 hours;
1. Quick Sort on Doubly linked list
2. Sort n numbers in range from 0 to 2^n-1 in linear time
3. Find length of longest consecutive path from a given string character.
4. Given two strings str1 and str2 and below operations that can performed on str1. Find minimum number of edits (operations) required to convert ‘str1? into ‘str2?.

After 1 hour results were announced. Among 80 students of CS/IT, they shortlisted 7 of us. The people who were able to do 3 or more codes were shortlisted.

2nd Round:

Technical Round (Very Tough )
1. what does space complexity means?
2. What is Dijkastra Shortest path Algorithm.
3. The Activity selection problem- full working code
4. K centres Problem- – full working code
5. Prims MST for adjacency list representation- – full working code
6. Given a string ‘str’ of digits, find length of the longest substring of ‘str’, such that the length of the substring is 2k digits and sum of left k digits is equal to the sum of right k digits.- – full working code
7. Given a string, find the longest substring which is palindrome.- full working code

if the given string is “forgeeksskeegfor”, the output should be “geeksskeeg”
if the given string is “abaaba”, the output should be “abaaba”
if the given string is “abababa”, the output should be “abababa”
if the given string is “abcbabcbabcba”, the output should be “abcbabcba

8. Explain the concept of Reentrancy?
9. Explain Beladys Anomaly?
10. What is Thrashing
11. what are short, long and medium term scheduling
12. Difference between Micro- Kernel and Macro kernel.
13. Typical elements of a process Image.
14. What is Translation lookaside buffer.

After this round, 3 students were shortlisted out of 7 of us.
I was luckily one of them.

3rd Round:

1. Can you explain PDCA cycle where testing fits in?
2. Difference betweeb white box, black box and grey box testing
3. what is usability testing
4. On what basis is the acceptance plan prepared?
5. what is Risk based Testing
6. Which is the best testing Model
7. Difference between Defect and a Failure?
8. When do we use decision table testing
9.He gave me a code and asked to find how many tests are required for 100 % decision coverage
10. What is component testing
11. What is functional system testing
12. When Regression testing should be performed
13. What is negative and positive testing
14. Difference between re-testing and regression testing
15. What is the most challenging situation you had during testing?

After this Round of us only i was shortlisted for the next round. 🙂 🙂

4th Round:

1. Describe Normalisation with examples.
2. What happens when we paste a web address in a browser
3. Explain different types of joins with examples
4. What is view in DBMS?
5. Gave a 8 -loop nested quer and he asked that what the SQL code was doing
6. What is JRE,JDK and JVM?
7. How will you reverse a linked list in O(1) time.
8. Reverse a linked list .
9. Reverse a BST using recursion
10. Concatenate two BST
11. What is a Gateway or a Router
12. What is maximum length allowed for a UTP cable
13. How does a network topology affect your decision in setting a network
14. What is private and public IP
15. Importance of OSI physical layed
16. What is WAN and NIC
17. Importance of implementing a fault tolerance system.
18. What is NoS and DOS?

I was not able to answer the Networks questions properly and so they rejected me too 🙁 🙁

Thanks a lot GeeksForGeeks. I was able to clear 3 rounds only because of the GeeksForGeeks Website 🙂

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Last Updated : 19 Oct, 2015
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