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HSBC Holdings Interview Experience (On Campus)

Last Updated : 18 Oct, 2018
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HSBC Holdings plc recently visited our campus for hiring Full-time Software Developers with two sub-profiles: “Acer” and “Striker”.
1 Technical + 1 HR round
2 Technical + 1 HR
Depending upon your performance in the 1st Technical round and your work in new technologies such as “Machine Learning”, “Blockchain”, the interviewer will elevate you to the 2nd technical round.

Round 1(Aptitude + Programming Fundamentals)
This round was of 1 hr and it was conducted on the Cocubes platform. Questions were of MCQ type. It had 3 sections: Verbal, Logical and Technical. Each section had minimum cut-off criteria which a candidate needs to score to get elevated to next round. The Verbal section consisted of questions from Paragraph Reading, Synonyms, Antonyms. The Logical Section had questions on Speed, Distance & Time, Discount, Profit & Loss and an easy flowchart based question to test your logical thinking ability. The Technical Section had questions from Java(important), C, C++, Data Structures.
You can easily find the Cocubes questions online for practice purpose but make sure you practice the updated pattern because Cocubes keeps on changing its pattern frequently. Although its syllabus remains mostly the same.

Round 2(Coding)
The candidates who cleared Round 1 got elevated for the Coding round. We had to solve 2 questions in 30 mins time.
Question 1: Given an array of integers of size n, which represents the memory consumed by different programs. It’s given that memory is represented in the form of 2^k. We had to find the minimum memory that needs to be allocated for the programs.
E.g: n= 7
Output: 32 i.e 2^5. Basically, you had to round off the sum of array integers to nearest 2^k value.
Question 2: Two Binary String Sum
Although I solved both questions but the candidates who solved atleast one question were shortlisted.
Geeksforgeeks is sufficient for cracking the coding round.
50 students got selected for the Interview and I was one of them.
Round 3(Technical Interview)

  • Tell me about yourself
  • Family Background
  • Types of Polymorphism in Java
  • Find the output from the written code to check the concept clarity of polymorphism
  • Which two keywords can be interchanged in “public static void main”
  • Explain “System.out.println”
  • Questions from Generics
  • Lambda Expression
  • Projects and Internship related discussion
  • What latest technology have you worked on?

Round 4(HR)

  • Tell me something about yourself.
  • Tell me something about your friends and for how long have known them.
  • Since I won debate competition organised by MHRD, they asked the topic of debate.
  • Asked about the Institute.

I would suggest you to be confident. Even if you don’t know something, don’t panic. Answer the rest of the questions without bothering about the outcomes. Give your best.

Thanks a lot GeeksForGeeks

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