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HSBC Campus Placement | Trainee Software Engineer

  • Last Updated : 06 Nov, 2019

HSBC visited our campus in the month of November. They were 4 rounds throughout the process. They are as follows :

Round 1: (Online Coding)

In the online round, they were 2 basic coding questions. It had to be done in 30 mins. The only constraint in this round was coding quickly.
The 2 coding questions I got were:
1. Given two integers, m and n. Return an integer which is a multiple of n and the nearest to m.
2. Sorting a 2D matrix by row.

48 people of 69 were shortlisted for the second round.

Round 2: (OIA and OJS)

The second round was basically a behavioral round. It was an online round and can be given from room. It consisted of 2 sections:
1. Online Immersive Assessment (OIA)
2. Online Job Simulator (OJS)
In the OIA, it was an untimed section where 22 questions were there based on situations, decision making and statistical analysis. In the OJS, we were given a topic, a half minute to prepare and should record a video within 2 minutes and upload.

20 people out of 48 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3: (Technical Round)

The next round was a F2F interview. We had a good discussion of my projects. Then he asked me about the language I’m comfortable in coding. I replied that it is Java. He then gave me a plain paper and asked me to tell everything about Java. It was a very detailed discussion about the object oriented programming and was a complete stress interview. After that, he asked a couple of questions about python and the different data types in python. Then followed some more questions on DBMS and OS. Simple queries were asked in DBMS. In OS, we had a discussion about Process Scheduling and Deadlocks. In the end, he asked me to code anyone of the sorting algorithms and I coded quick sort on paper.

Round 4: (HR Round)

The next was the final round. It was a HR round. They asked me about my location preference. And then some standard HR questions. This included some decision making and situational analysis.

Finally, 7 people got the offer and I was one of them.

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