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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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Armed with a B. Tech Degree in Information Technology from NITK, Shweta Shrivastava has secured herself a successful future in Goldman Sachs. Harnessing her skills through a plethora of projects and actively participating in various extra-curricular activities, Shweta built a strong resume. She worked as an intern for Goldman Sachs and sure enough, secured a permanent offer from the most recognized investment banking firm. TopTalent brings you the important interview tips and strategies that Shweta has to share.

TopTalent: What makes Goldman Sachs so special? Why did you decide to join?

Shweta: Goldman Sachs is one of the leading companies in the world of investment banking today and an amazing place to work for. I had the opportunity to work here as an intern for two months after which I was hired as a permanent employee.

TopTalent: Can you describe the complete hiring process?

Shweta: I was recruited as an intern here in my third year. The hiring process is exactly the same as any other company which comes for campus recruitments. There’s an aptitude test in the first round followed by GD and finally personal interviews.

TopTalent: What is your strategy while answering tough questions?

Shweta: In any interview, whenever you come across a tough question you’re unsure about, the best thing to do is to honestly tell the interviewer that you don’t know the answer rather than trying to give senseless answers. It is very important to stick to context. Always keep your answers short and to the point, don’t beat around the bush. However you could always tell them what you think is right and back it up with an intelligent explanation. Say you’re not very sure but logically this should be the answer.

TopTalent: Can you talk about what resources did you refer to before the interviews? What tips would you give to students sitting for interviews?

Shweta: Before the interviews, you don’t particularly have to prepare for anything. Your ability to answer the technical questions that they ask depends on your overall knowledge and can’t be achieved by last minute preparation. In any interview, the most important thing that they look for is your presentation. They know you are smart, having cleared the aptitude test and GD; otherwise you wouldn’t have made it there. What they want to see now is your personality, your communication skills and your confidence. So whenever you’re going to sit for an interview, just relax. Always be yourself. Don’t portray a fake personality just to create an impression. The people hiring you have been conducting interviews for years and will easily spot the deception.

TopTalent: What were some important factors according to you that made you stand out?

Shweta: According to me, the most important factor that made me stand out was my appropriate level of confidence. Not only is it important to be confident, it is extremely crucial to never be overconfident. You should know how and when to say what, how to tackle questions, how to make a connection with the interviewer. Remember, all you have is ten-fifteen minutes. Do your best. Don’t be tensed. Don’t be too nervous. Take the interview as a conversation and not as a question-answer session. And always be yourself.

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