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Nomura Holdings Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2019
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Nomura Holdings visited our campus in July 2019 for Software Developer role.

The recruitment process was as follows:

  • Pen and Paper test.
  • 2 Tech Rounds and a HR round.

Aptitude Test: This round was a pen and paper test. It consisted of 60 questions that were to be solved in 60 minutes. The level of questions were fairly easy but time was the most important factor. It consisted of verbal questions along with quantitative and logical analysis questions. RS Agarwal would be sufficient to solve these questions. Out of 120 students who appeared for the test, 15 students were shortlisted for further rounds.

Tech Round 1: The interviewer started with tell me about yourself. He started looking at my resume and asked questions about my projects. He went into great depths asking about the frontend as well as the backend technologies that I had used, the databases, whether I had used APIs or not and also asked me to draw a diagram describing the flow of the entire project. Then he started asking me questions related to DBMS like normalisation and also asked me a few SQL queries. Since I had mentioned Java in my resume, he started asking me about all the OOP concepts in brief. After that he asked me whether I had any questions, so I asked him one or two questions. This round lasted for around 35 minutes.

Tech Round 2: The interview started off by asking me to walk over my resume. Then he asked me about my other projects (which the previous interviewer hadn’t asked) and also asked me how would I sell my project to any big organisation. He started asking me questions on Java and asked me to explain each OOP concept with the help of an example and also write a pseudo code for it. Then the interviewer also asked questions on method overloading and method overriding with the help of real life examples. He further asked me questions on this, super, final keywords and then asked me questions on exception handling in Java. This round was slightly shorter and lasted for around 20-25 minutes.

HR Round: This round was just a formality where again the interviewer asked me to walk over my resume and then asked me about my family details, where I lived, etc. It lasted for around 10-15 minutes.

After all the 3 rounds, the results were announced on the same day and 6 students were selected.

Tips: Do not hesitate and confidently answer all the questions. For aptitude, my advice is to practice solving questions as quickly as possible because time was the real challenge in the test. Only mention things that you are confident about in your resume as the interviewer can find out if you are bluffing. Good knowledge about Java and DBMS is required to crack the interview.


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