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How to Convert a Document to PDF using MS Word?

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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Microsoft Word is a software tool that makes our document more attractive and beautiful with the help of different types of fonts, colors, styles, animations, 3D models, graphs, charts, page layout, and many more within a very small span of time. It is developed by the Microsoft corporations in 1983. It is the best platform for writing documents, projects, letters, notes, assignments, etc. It has a special features like editing, deleting, correcting, and formatting your file in a very less time. Almost it is used in all fields like business, schools, offices preferred this software to write their article, office letters, documents, etc. 

Features of MS Word:

  1. Different types of fonts, styles, colors, animations.
  2. Editing and formatting document
  3. Inserting hyperlink, images, and online videos
  4. Spelling and grammar checker
  5. Table with rows and column
  6. Password protection of your document
  7. Printing documents
  8. Mail merge
  9. 3D graphics, models, charts, and graphs
  10. Page layout, size, and page color, and border.
  11. WordArt
  12. Page number,

Steps to Convert Word Document to PDF

Step 1: Open your document in MS Word.

Step 2: Then click on the navigation menu bar and select File option.

Step 3: Now Click on Save as option.

Step 4: Select Browse option. 

Step 5: A save as dialog box will open.

Step 6: From the left panel of the window select the drive where you want to save the document as shown:

Step 7: Enter the name of your document in the file name section.

Step 8: Now click on the arrow down option in the save as type option as shown:

Step 9: A file format menu will open.

Step 10: Select the PDF option.

Finally, your document is converted into PDF.

There are lots of file format options available in MS Word. You can convert your Word document according to your school, office, and other requirements.

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