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How I Handle GATE CS Preparation with College Studies

Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2023
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After completing my sixth semester I had approximately 11 months to prepare for GATE exam with that eight months of the two semesters in college to complete. We got many projects, assignments from college and with that we had burden of college exams and campus placements. So I had to do a lot of work in very less time.But instead of panicking, I made a schedule for the next 11 months which I followed persistently thereby handling my GATE preparation along with College studies. The first thing I did was to build a strategy and build in confidence in myself which helped me to follow the schedule with utmost dedication and determination. The strategy that I followed was:

  1. I dedicated two hours in which I gave 1 hour to prepare for my college exams so that I wasn’t burdened at the last moment. With this I gave another 1 hour to complete my assignments and minor projects on time.
  2. I selected a bit easy topic for project and my teachers of college helped and guided me to complete the major project quickly without hindering my GATE preparation.
  3. After my sixth semester completed the summer vacations were very important and crucial for me. I took full benefit of those two months and started my GATE preparation with some easy and scoring subjects.
  4. I spent 8 hours for GATE preparation and twice a week spent my time on project work provided by college.
  5. Till the month of November I completed the syllabus from standard textbooks and revised from the Mock Tests and Sample Papers provided by GeeksForGeeks.
  6. I referred to Last Minute Notes (LMNs) provided on site which helped me to check if I had covered all the topics.
  7. During my exam months in college I spent 1-2 hours by solving previous year GATE question papers so that I was in touch with the concepts.
  8. Certain subjects like Mathematics and Aptitude with basic languages like C/C++ were a part of campus placements interviews as well as GATE so it was easy to handle those subjects.
  9. I also completed my file work beforehand so that it didn’t create a problem at last moment because it would have been a lot of work to do which could have affected my GATE preparations.
  10. I never lost hope and always kept a positive approach which helped me complete a given task on time.

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