GATE CSE preparation story

GATE is the most prestigious post graduate exam for engineering students. Gate score is also taken by many PSU’s (Public sector Undertakings) for recruitment and job offerings. PSU’S are government owned corporations offering jobs directly to top scorers of GATE exam.

A good score in GATE can directly fetch good PSU’s and immediate job hiring. This makes cracking GATE with a good score a basic necessity for anyone who dreams of working at PSU’s. I would like to share my PSU hiring story, so that more people can consider this option to start their career through PSU’s. According to me, it is one of the best decision to start my professional career with a job through PSU.

I appeared for GATE 2016, after one year of rigorous preparation. My hard work paid off as I managed to get a score of 888 and an All India Rank of 141 in GATE (CSE).

The main strategy to crack GATE is to be well prepared with all the core topics and main topics. Practice the previous year questions of GATE. My preparation story was simply I believed in my capabilities and gave my best on the final day of Exam.

My tips to the future aspirants of GATE would be the following points given below:

  1. Follow Proper Time table –
    Make a plan to study and follow that study plan meticulously without any fail to score high in the exam.

  2. Strengthen Basic Subject Concepts
    Good Subject knowledge is very important for the exam. The basic knowledge of the subject should be strong. Work to increase as much knowledge you can gather.

  3. Identification of weak and strength areas through analysis –
    Identify your weak and strength areas. Work on the areas accordingly then. This will be very beneficial for scoring high.

  4. Revise Equally
    Timely revision is very important. Focus on revising what you have already studied before moving to new concepts.

  5. Work on Speed of solving questions –
    Solving questions correctly and with speed is all what one needs. Practice to increase your speed.

  6. Be Positive –
    Do not lose hope and keep practicing for the final exam. Positive attitude will help in the long run.

  7. Take Care of your Health –
    Eat Right and also sleep well. Both of them are important for good health.

All these were my strategies to get into a good PSU through GATE. I hope my experience would be helpful to students to get into a good PSU. Also, practice well for the main GATE exam and give your best to crack the exam with a good score. All the best!

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