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Best College Prediction based on GATE CS All India Rank (AIR)/Score

Last Updated : 06 Feb, 2019
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When GATE results will be announced and you might have secured a decent rank. Now the main problem is which college or PSU (Public Sector Unit) to apply. If you are from a specific reserved category, you may get more possibilities. Let’s see best college perdition based on their GATE CS AIR (All India Rank) for General category aspirants.

If you are confused with which college to apply, this article may help you in getting an overall overview of every college and PSU. First of all you need to get register in COAP for applying in IITs and CCMT for applying in NIT’s or IIIT’s, even after applying to COAP you have to register to each IIT’s individually. For PSU’s you have to apply individually to each organisation, its registration starts from January onward.

Now if your rank is < 50:
Then you are totally in the best zone.You can get any IIT you want as well you have very high chances of getting any PSU's. Usually if you are planning for good quality research oriented education then you should prefer “IISC Bangalore” but in case you are planning for coding like environment than you should go for IIT Bombay. Both of these institutes have 100% placement records and also if you are willing to pursue Phd from any foreign University you can easily get it. These two are the best institute in India in terms of CSE so other than these two, there is no point of choosing anyother IIT.

Now in case you are planning for PSU, these are some PSU’s hiring from GATE scores are as follows:

  1. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC)
  2. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)
  3. Power System Operation Corporation Ltd. (POSOCO)
  4. Punjab State Power Corporation Ltd. (PSPCL)
  5. West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (WBSEDCL)
  6. ONGC Ltd
  7. DRDO and many more.

If your rank is < 100:
You too can get any IIT for or MS.But if you are under 80 then only you can be sure to get IISc or IIT-B. Now if in case you didn’t make through these two respective institute, then if you are inclined towards research side than you should definitely choose IIT-Madras but if you interested more towards formal education go for IIT-Delhi. IIT-Madras takes interview for its admission procedure, but IIT-Delhi take direct admissions.

Now in case you are interested to get a job in PSU’s then, according to recent survey at max there are 5 vacancies(some have less than that) in each organisation, and 85% weightage is given to GATE rank and rest 15% to the interview. If your rank is below 40 then you could be sure about getting selected.

If your rank is < 200:
Choose IIT-Madras if you are interested in research otherwise select IIT-Delhi. There is less chances of getting any PSU’s.

If your rank is < 300:
You might get IIT-kharagpur or IIT-Kanpur in the last round of COAP. Here again if you require research work than choose IIT-Kanpur but for formal education you should go for IIT Kharagpur.

If your rank is < 500:
You should apply for IIT-R as its placement records are very good, but if you couldn’t make it go for IIT-G.

If your rank is > 500 and < 1000:
You have two option IIT-Hyderabad or IIT-Indore. M.Tech in IIT-H is much better than MS in IIT-I, but MS in IIT-I is far more better than MS in IIT-H. Also IIT-H provide in ML.You could also apply for top NIT’s.

If your rank is >1000:
You could get lower NIT’s and IIIT’s.

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