Importance of GATE CSE for tier 3 College Students

Graduate Aptitude test in Engineering (GATE) is an examination that test the understanding of various subjects that we read in our

  • GATE Score card :
    It is valid for 3 years i.e., if you passed the exam in 2020 then you will take admission in any of the reputed College for Masters till 2023.

    It’s benefits that if you want to work in PSUs then work for one year then you will join for masters.

  • Why GATE is important for tier 3 College Students ?
    Basically, In some private colleges the faculties are not good as compared to IITs or NITs, as they teach on upto the syllabus for semester exam, instead of this I personally found that they just try to complete the syllabus not exploring the topics that’s why many of us loosing interest in that subject and don’t know the importance of that subject in future.

    GATE checks your basic and depth knowledge in the subjects because of that many of us thinks that GATE is tough, BUT GATE CSE is Common Sense or Aptitude.

Also we have lots of opportunities after GATE like :

  • Getting job in reputed PSUs.
  • Getting job in product based companies such as Cisco, google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, etc which pays high salary as compared to service based companies where we get job during placement in our College.

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