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Get all the information of a Collection’s indexes using PyMongo

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Prerequisites: MongoDB Python Basics This article is about displaying the information of Collection’s indexes using the index_information() function of the PyMongo module. index_information() returns a dictionary where the keys are index names (as returned by create_index()) and the values are dictionaries containing information about each index. The dictionary is guaranteed to contain at least a single key, “key” which is a list of (key, direction) pairs specifying the index (as passed to create_index()). It will also contain any other metadata about the indexes, except for the “ns” and “name” keys, which are cleaned. Let’s begin:
  1. Importing Required Modules: Import the required module using the command:
    from pymongo import MongoClient
    If MongoDB is already not installed on your machine you can refer to the guide: Guide to Install MongoDB with Python
  2. Creating a Connection: Now we had already imported the module, its time to establish a connection to the MongoDB server, presumably which is running on localhost (host name) at port 27017 (port number).
    client = MongoClient(‘localhost’, 27017)
  3. Accessing the Database: Since the connection to the MongoDB server is established. We can now create or use the existing database.
    mydatabase = client.name_of_the_database
  4. Accessing the Collection: We now select the collection from the database using the following syntax:
    collection_name = mydatabase.name_of_collection
  5. Getting the information of the indexes: Using the function index_information to get the information of all the indexes of the collection.
Example: Sample Database: python-mongodb-get-index
# Python Program for demonstrating the 
# PyMongo Cursor to Pandas DataFrame
# Importing required modules
from pymongo import MongoClient
from pandas import DataFrame
# Connecting to MongoDB server
# client = MongoClient('host_name',
# 'port_number')
client = MongoClient('localhost', 27017)
# Connecting to the database named
mydatabase = client.GFG
# Accessing the collection named
# Student
mycollection = mydatabase.Student
# Displaying the information of all the indexes
# using the function index_information()
ind_info = mycollection.index_information()

{‘_id_’: {‘v’: 2, ‘key’: [(‘_id’, 1)], ‘ns’: ‘GFG.Student’}, ‘Roll No_1’: {‘v’: 2, ‘unique’: True, ‘key’: [(‘Roll No’, 1)], ‘ns’: ‘GFG.Student’}}

Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2020
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