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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 20 (For SDE-II)

Last Updated : 27 May, 2019
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I was recently interviewed for SDE-II in Flipkart. A lot of emphases was on designing and GeeksforGeeks has been a lot of help. These are my interview questions:

  • Round 1 : Machine Round (2-3 hours)
    Company hierarchy/bonus question.
    Write down the code in any language for a simple employee hierarchy which has 3 types of employees.

    1. CEO
    2. Manager
    3. employee

    Where an employee can have only 1 mgr, and a mgr has 1+ employees.
    We were asked to input employee details(name, id, salary, rating etc) in any order (employees might be input before his manager), create the hierarchy and implement these functionalities:

    1. Print hierarchy given any employee/mgr/CEO (used an n-ary tree + hash table)
    2. Given a bonus and performance rating of each employee divide it to the lowest level employees(in the hierarchy ) in the ratio of their rating. i.e 100 divided among 2:3 is 40 and 60. and print the bonus of each ( simple recursive solution)
    3. Top 10 employees with ratio of bonus:salary (used maxheap)

    Had a discussion on the solution with various variants and edge/faulty cases.

  • Round 2 : Problem Solving Round (1.5 hours)
    1. A solution was required to make a fantasy league with some budget allocated. Players will have some score/rating and the cost of the player. The maximum score was to be achieved with eleven players.
      Had a lot of discussion on various approaches like backtracking, modified knapsack etc.

    2. A set of tasks is given of which some are dependent tasks. The solution was required to enable parallel processing of the tasks. (Used topological sort)
  • Round 3 : Designing Round (1 – 1.5 hours)
    A library for game 2048 was to be designed. The game can have constraints/variations which shall be defined by the game designer. The variations can be adding the same numbers or adding Fibonacci numbers etc. APIs were to be exposed to the game designer.

  • Round 4 : Manager Round (45mins)
    A lot of behavioural questions. Discussion about the product and the work I do. Challenges faced etc.


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