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Flipkart Internship Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Recently, Flipkart visited our college for offering a summer internship for the pre-final year.

I am happy to tell you that I cracked this opportunity and am here to share my experience throughout the hiring process.

There were overall 3 rounds conducted.

ROUND 1(Online Test ): The first round was an online test that analyzed the students from a coding perspective. There were eligibility criteria set by the company for the first round you need to be in the 3rd year,  branch CSE, with  7.5 CGPA above, you can sit in the first round.

  • The round was conducted on an online platform (AMCAT) and consisted of 1 section and the time allotted was 1.5 hrs. There were 3 coding questions.
  • The first question was based on Graphs DFS. It was simply related to finding the no. of elements in different components.
  • The second question was the standard KMP algorithm question. The only twist is that if the letter is in uppercase then it can be considered equal to lowercase.
  • The third question was also based on the graph. Given a weighted undirected graph, you have to find the shortest distance between source and destination given you can remove k edges from the path.

 7 students were shortlisted to proceed to the next round. Students who solved all 3 questions got shortlisted.

ROUND 2: This round was for about 50 minutes. 

  • The interviewer initially asked me to introduce myself. Then I was given a link where the screen was shared between the interviewer as well as the student, where we can write, run and debug the code.
  • I was asked, ” Tell whether K sum subarray exists in a given array or not “. First, we have to explain our approach to the interviewer and then if the interviewer is asked to code then we have to code and explain it out as well. I was asked to write PseudoCode and then he gave 2-3 test cases on which I had to dry run my code. I had used unordered_map in my code so he asked about the difference between unordered_map and map and their complexities.
  • 2 Questions I was asked about ” Tell whether you can reach the end of the array or not given arr[i] represents the distance which you can move to the right” .
  • I was able to write PseudoCode and dry run both the questions, and the interviewer was satisfied by my approach and the code.

3 students were shortlisted to proceed to the next round.

ROUND 3: The interviewer initially asked me to introduce myself. Then the same link which was given in the first round was used again. This round was of about 60 minutes.

2 students were selected for an internship.

This was all, the trick is to keep calm and let the interviewer know what you are thinking, Work on thought process how you approach a question is something you should master !.

Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2021
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