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Flipkart Interview Experience for SDE Internship | On-Campus 2021

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Flipkart recently visited our campus, hiring for SDE Internship for summer 2021. They were open only for students in CSE and had no CGPA criteria. 

The hiring workflow consisted of 4 rounds in total ( 1 Coding Round, 2 Technical Interviews, and 1 HM Interview ).

Note: Everything, including the interviews, was online due to the COVID situation.

Round 1 ( Coding Round ):  We were given 3 questions to solve within 90 mins.

  1. Count of all nodes at even height from the given root in a General m-ary Tree.
    Similar to”> this article but for a general tree and even levels.
  2. Sort first k values in ascending order and remaining n-k values in descending order.
  3. Given a string A consisting of lowercase alphabets and a list of strings B find the number of strings in B that forms a substring after deleting at most k characters from A also these operations is allowed on strings in B :
    a. We can change character ‘o’ to ‘a’, ‘t’ to ‘i’, and vice-versa.
    b. We can delete one character from the current string.

The submitted codes were tested on multiple hidden test cases. 11 Students were shortlisted for further rounds.

Round 2 ( Technical Interview ): This round was held on the Aspiring Minds Codemeet platform which is a Live Coding Interview Platform. The interviewer asked to write only Pseudo Code for the following questions :

  1. The minimum number of subarrays of a given array of numbers such that every subarray is either increasing or decreasing.
  2. Find if there is a rectangle in binary matrix with corners as 1
Question 1 Example :
arr = [1,2,3,3,1,5,6,7,8,7,4]
Ans - 4  ( 1,2,3 | 3,1 | 5,6,7,8 | 7,4 )
     ( Inc   , Dec , Inc     , Dec )
Therefore we can have 4 subarrays such that they 
are either all increasign or decreasig.
Note : We have just have to find alternating sequence
for increasing or decreasing from first index to last.

The questions were easy and I gave the correct solution for both. (Actually gave a Recursive DP approach for the first question initially but changed to simple iterative after I realized it’s just a basic array partition problem.)

After this 9/11 students were qualified for further rounds. 

Round 3 ( Technical Interview ): This round was also held on the same Codemeet platform and the interviewer asked to write the pseudo-code for the 1st question and the 2nd question was only for discussion.

  1. Given a Binary Tree you have to perform the given operation recursively :
    a. Print all Leaf nodes.
    b. Assume all Leaf nodes are deleted.
    c. Go to step a
    The solution for this problem is similar to this article Count of leaf nodes required to be removed at each step to empty a given Binary Tree
  2. Given a Complete Binary Tree where each level is sorted in increasing order and the next level has elements greater than the maximum of the current level, discuss a method to implement searching of value in this tree.
Q 1 . Example :
            /  \
           2    3 
          / \    
         4   5   
     For this the answer would be 
     First Time -  4,5,3
     Second Time - 2
     Third Time -  1
    Note : The set in which a node will belong to is 
    the maximum distance from all leaf node in that subtree.
Q 2 . Example :
           5      8
         9  11  12  14
      Note : If we need to search any element we have to 
      look if we get the range of nodes where that node 
      could be by having 2 pointers , one going only left 
      and the other only right.
      Time Complexity would be O(log^2(n))

I answered both of them correctly. (Just messed up a bit for time complexity for 2nd question ).

After this 7/11 were qualified for the last round. 

Round 4 ( Hiring Manager Interview ): This round was similar to any HR round but was conducted by a Senior Developer. The main focus was mostly on behavioral questions, my past experiences, and projects.

After a brief introduction, these questions were asked :

  1. What is your past internship experience and what was your role? (Asked because I had mentioned that I had previous internship experience)
  2. What contribution did you make to opensource and what’s its use case? (Asked as I mentioned contribution to opensource.)
  3. Why is your CGPA low and how would you work on improving it? (I have 7.7/10 CGPA :D)
  4. Tell me about two of your weaknesses (One personal and one Technical)?
  5. Have you ever lead a team, and what was your takeaway?

Apart from this, there were some more random questions were also asked. Finally, It was my time to ask any questions I had, and I had a lot of them. We both ended the interview on a positive note and soon after I got the email for selection.

A total of 3 students were selected for the Flipkart 2021 SDE Internship from my campus.

Some General Tips – 

  • Be confident about your solution in the Technical Interviews
  • Always provide your interviewer with a non-efficient solution if you can not arrive at an optimal solution on the first try.
  • Make use of the whiteboard if there are any in your Interview IDE (It provides a better way to represent your thoughts).
  • Ask your interviewer questions at the end of every interview if they are open to it. ( Personal, Technical, or regarding Internship )

Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2021
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