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Fill in the Blanks Quiz (Questions & Answer)

Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2023
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The questions from this section are generally of two types :

  • One / Two blanks – In these type of questions, we are given a sentence with blanks and we have to select a word from the given options that fits most appropriately.
  • Blanks in a passage – In these type of questions, we are given a passage which usually has 5 – 10 blanks and for each blank, we have to select the most appropriate word from the given options such that the selected word maintains the continuity of the passage.

Fill In the Blanks in English Grammar –

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Sample Problems

Question 1 : Drugs and Alcohol ____ together to ____ the risk of cancer in both men and women.

 A) result, aggravate

 B) act, increase

 C) mix, lower

 D) put, arrest

 Solution : B) act, increase  

 Question 2 : In his first public speech, the newly elected defense minister said that leaks in defense matters could potentially ____ military operations.

 A) disturb

 B) strengthen

 C) jeopardize

 D) promote 

Solution : C) jeopardize 

  Question 3 : Many times in history, humans have changed their mode of communication as society itself has __(1)__ . As people began to spread, verbal communication changed to written to make it more __(2)__ . Then with travel becoming easier, they started maintaining both forms of communication to keep them in __(3)__ with one another. With the invention of telephone, people started to worry that this would __(4)__ out all the other modes of communication. But today, people have spread out to much farther geographical locations, and the telephone, in its compact form, has allowed the mankind to __(5)__ the necessary links among family and friends.

 (1) A) evolved 

B) destroyed

 C) finish

 D) pledged

 (2) A) expensive

 B) easier

 C) portable

 D) subjective

 (3) A) lines

 B) distance

 C) touch

 D) faith

 (4) A) push 

B) try 

C) cancel

 D) turn

 (5) A) maintain

 B) regulate

 C) destroy 

D) cut

 Solution : (1) A) evolved

 (2) D) subjective

 (3) C) touch

 (4) D) turn

 (5) A) maintain .

  This article has been contributed by Nishant Arora   Please write comments if you have any doubts related to the topic discussed above, or if you are facing difficulty in any question or if you would like to discuss a question other than those mentioned above.  

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