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Latest Pattern Fill in the Blanks For Bank PO Exam

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Fill in the blanks is one of the most scoring topics asked in bank PO exams. The following are a few important questions to help you get a better understanding of the topic:

Direction (1-20): In the following questions, the sentence given with blank/blanks is to be filled in with appropriate word/words. Select the correct alternative out of the five and indicate it by selecting the appropriate option.

1. Defense Research and Development Organisation would _______ the investigation into the Hyundai i20 fire cars that ___________ in Kolkata.

(a) Lead, occurred
(b) Ancient, assumed
(c) Enquired, controlled
(d) Secondary, rejected
(e) Tumid, care

Explanation:  option – (a) is correct. Since the context of the sentence is ‘the task of the DRDO to conduct the investigation’, It fits perfectly in the sentence. ‘Tumid’ means pompous or bombastic.

2. The State administration has ____________ to recover damages of _________________ public property from protestors of Agneepath Scheme.

(a) Decided, demolished
(b) Advised, solved
(c) Committed, soared
(d) Declared, mantled
(e) Used, excluded

Explanation: Option – (a) is correct. Other words have different meanings and do not fit in the given sentence contextually or grammatically.  

3. Kobian is _____________ in the business of manufacturing and distributing computer peripherals ______________ motherboard, monitor, power product, computer casing, etc.

(a) Worked, discovering
(b) Engaged, including
(c) Conserved, using
(d) Suspected, demonstrating
(e) Associated, keeping

Explanation: Based on the above sentence, option – (b) is correct as it gives the perfect meaning to the sentence. ‘Engaged’ – busy in doing something, ‘conserved’ – avoided wasting something; ‘suspected’ – doubted, ‘demonstrating’ – showing something clearly by giving proof.

4. Angelina Jolie ______________ her own brand which _______________ a wide range of home decor items with elements of foreign heritage.

(a) Staged, adopts
(b) Launched, features
(c) Opportunity, holds
(d) Moment, consists
(e) Severity, held

Explanation: The word ‘launched’ means ‘started’ and ‘feature’ means ‘to include somebody/something as an important part,’ thus as per the given sentence, option – (b) is correct as it provides the perfect meaning to the sentence.

5. In a dynamic and ___________________ unstructured trade environment, sustainability and innovation are being ______________ demanded of the top management companies.

(a) Progressively, increasingly
(b) Highly, extremely
(c) Increasingly, moderately
(d) Excessively, steadily
(e) Detriment, losing

Explanation: Option – (a) is correct. Here, ‘Progressively’ (means: ‘steadily, a little at a time’) and since innovation is strong in demand so for the context, ‘increasingly’ are the words that fit perfectly and contextually in the given sentence.  

6. Capricorns are ______________ in nature, but are loyal and _________________ of their loved ones. 

(a) Reserved, sympathetic
(b) Assisting, visualized
(c) Disturbances, associated
(d) Nature, issued
(e) Consonance, contract

Explanation: ‘Reserved’ means ‘those who keep their feelings hidden’ and ‘sympathetic’ means ‘understanding other people’s feelings.’ Thus, option-(a) is correct since all the given words do not fit perfectly in the respective blanks. 

7. Organic Delusional Syndrome or ODS is a term used for ______________ to a mental disorder caused by intrinsic disease that ___________________ persistent or recurrent irrational beliefs. 

(a) Referring, includes
(b) Editing, states
(c) Determining, dispute
(d) Ratifications, issues
(e) Chaos, consents

Explanation: Here, option – (a) is correct as it fits perfectly. In the given context, ODS is a disease that includes a lot of symptoms, and whenever we use some technical term, it must refer to something, thus ‘refer’ is the correct word. Since symptoms also contain a lot of things, thus ‘includes’ is the best word to choose. 

8. The Human Rights Council had ______________ a draft of people rights charter with the Ministry and it was ______________ at the 5th meeting of the National Human Rights Commission.

(a) Shared, discussed
(b) Determined, earned
(c) Attracted, enquired
(d) Explained, context
(e) Proof, reality

Explanation: Here, option – (a) is correct. We are talking about a draft of the charter of rights of the people which was shared with the Ministry by the Human Rights Council due to the ongoing situation in the country and that draft was discussed in the meeting of the stakeholders.

9. As soon as Ajinkya Rahane _________ the catch to reduce West Indies to three down, Kohli ________________ with a fist pump before joining the rest of his teammates.

(a) Grabbed, celebrated
(b) Launching, visualized
(c) Rejecting, reported
(d) Retiring, exploited
(e) Leave, consequence

Explanation: Option – (a) is correct, the given sentence says that Kohli showed a gesture of triumph when Rahane caught the ball.

10. India re-established a ______________ presence in Syria, from where it ______________ all its officials following the terrorist takeover last year.

(a) Diplomatic, withdrew
(b) Benefits, perception
(c) Ramifications, chance
(d) Beginning, problem
(e) Concurrence, solution

Explanation: Option – (a) is correct. Here, ‘diplomatic’ means ‘connected with diplomacy,’ ‘withdrew’ means ‘to remove something or take something away;’ ‘ramification’ means ‘one of the many complicated or unexpected results of an action or decision;’ ‘concurrence’ means ‘two or more things happening simultaneously.’

11. Daily Covid cases have ____________ up over the past few months and the daily positivity rate is also ___________ as compared to the last month.

(a) Realized, less
(b) Spiked, higher
(c) Mutilated, excellent
(d) Resourced, extreme
(e) Dissented, good

Explanation: Option – (b) is correct, the given statement says that the covid cases have increased sharply in the last few months. Mutilation means the action of damaging something. 

12. The idea ________ is radical because it foresees the re-evaluation of government and governance and ________ federalism.

(a) Conceived, deepens
(b) Perceived, lightens
(c) Born, jokes
(d) Conceptualized, satire
(e) Halt, spread

Explanation: Option – (a) is correct. However, ‘satire’ – spoof; ‘conceptualized’ – formed a concept or idea of (something) and ‘perceived’ – noticed or realized something do not make sense. ‘Conceived’ means ‘thought of a new idea or plan,’ ‘deepens’ means ‘to become more strongly felt or experienced.’

13. The political crisis being _____________ by the West Bengal government _____________________ after the rebel party claimed the support of 55 MLAs.

(a) Sorted, moved
(b) Faced, intensified
(c) Required, ran
(d) Wanted, advanced
(e) Reconsidered, clause

Explanation: Option – (b) is correct. ‘Intensified’ means ‘deepened.’ The correct word is sought after which means something in demand. The second word also fits in well here and conveys the meaning that the movement has been less than expected.

14. Science has ________ transformed lives but it is high time that the modern scientific developments stop turning ______________ to its users.

(a) Suddenly, exclusive
(b) Consistently, a blind eye
(c) Brokenly, included
(d) Smooth, excluded
(e) Prudent, brief

Explanation: Option – (b) is correct. ‘Turning a blind eye’ means ‘pretending not to notice.’ Here, ‘Suddenly’ and ‘exclusive’ do not fit. ‘Brokenly’ is the opposite of what is needed. So, ‘consistently’ (smoothly and continuously) and ‘comprehensive’ are the only words that fit in. ‘Prudent’ means sensible and careful when making judgements.

15. The UP police team has ______________ voice samples of Ram Mandir priest after a formal complaint was ________________ against him for delivering a hate speech.

(a) Withdrawn, vague
(b) Given, disowned
(c) Collected, registered
(d) Get, constricted
(e) Terse, convicted

Explanation: Option – (c) is correct. Here, other options do not fit in the given statement (‘constricted’: ‘made something tighter, narrower or less,’ ‘vague: ‘not clear, definite,’ ‘terse’: ‘said in few words’).

16. The India Meteorological Department has _____________ a cloudy sky with light rain and ____________ wind.

(a) Worked, care
(b) Predicted, gusty
(c) Assumed, shame
(d) Looked, enthusiasm
(e) Dealt, victim

Explanation: Option – (b) is correct. ‘Predicted’ means ‘ having said something that would happen in the future’ & ‘Gusty’ means ‘characterized by or blowing in gusts.’ In option-(d), both the words are opposite of what is needed in the respective blanks; option-(a) – energy does not fit in both the statements; option-(c) is irrelevant to the context and incorrect.

17. Instagram has updated its privacy ________ to _______ ads of obnoxious content for protecting teenagers.

(a) Rules, prevent
(b) Criteria, protect
(c) Interface, allow
(d) Policy, restrict
(e) Division, gather

Explanation: Option – (d) is correct. In the given options, ‘policy’ and ‘restrict’ are the only options that fit contextually. Instagram does not have any rules for advertising but the policy or criteria. And these policies and criteria are to prevent ads from displaying something unethical. 

18. All five _________________ judges seconded the right to carry arms in public, while two liberal judges didn’t __________  in favour.

(a) Decision, regulate
(b) Order, pass
(c) Involvement, issue
(d) Conservative, vote
(e) Mobilize, clear

Explanation: Option – (d) is correct. ‘Conservative’ (‘not liking change; traditional’) and ‘vote’ fits perfectly in the sentence. Any other word does not fit in the sentence (‘Indictment’ – ‘a written paper that officially accuses somebody of a crime’).

19. In the majority __________________ written by the bench of Justice Tyagi, the court declared it as a __________ of the Fourth Amendment of the Indian Constitution.

(a) Condemn, organise
(b) Judgement, defence
(c) End, achieve
(d) Reverence, halt
(e) Terrible, modest

Explanation: Option – (b) is correct, ‘judgement’ (an opinion formed after carefully considering the provided information) & ‘defence’ (something that protects somebody/something from something) fit perfectly in the sentence. ‘Condemn’ – ‘to say strongly that you think somebody/something is very bad or wrong,’ ‘Reverence’ – ‘a feeling of great respect,’ ‘Halt’ – ‘a shortstop in some activity, movement or growth’ and ‘Modest’ – ‘not very large’ do not fit in the sentence.

20. The Canadian government has ________ a strategy that is particularly _____________________ on attracting more and more foreign investment.

(a) Resulted, struggled
(b) Launched, focussed
(c) Resulted, centre
(d) Reacted, disputed
(e) Separated, collected

Explanation: Option – (b) is correct; because other options do not fit contextually in the sentence.


Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2022
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