fg command in Linux with examples

fg command in linux used to put a background job in foreground.


fg [job_spec]

job_spec may be:

%n : Refer to job number n.
%str : Refer to a job which was started by a command beginning with str.
%?str : Refer to a job which was started by a command containing str.
%% or %+ : Refer to the current job. fg and bg will operate on this job if no job_spec is given.
%- : Refer to the previous job.

Options for fg command :

  • fg [JOB_SPEC] : This command is used to put the mentioned job running inbackground to foreground.

    “sleep 500” is a command which is used to create a dummy job which runs for 500 seconds.

  • fg –help : It displays help information.
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