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alias command in Linux with Examples

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alias command instructs the shell to replace one string with another string while executing the commands. 

When we often have to use a single big command multiple times, in those cases, we create something called as alias for that command. Alias is like a shortcut command which will have same functionality as if we are writing the whole command. 


alias [-p] [name[=value] ... ]

Creating an alias


alias name="value"

Creating an Unalias : Removing an existing alias is known as unaliasing. 

unalias [alias name]

Options for Alias command: 

  • -p option : This option prints all the defined aliases is reusable format. 


alias -p

  • –help option : It displays help Information. 


alias --help

How to remove an alias? 
We use unalias command for this purpose. 

How to permanently store aliases across sessions? 
We can store aliases in shell configuration files. For example for Bash Shell, we can write in ~/.bashrc

alias CD="cd Desktop" 


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Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2022
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