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Evolute Interview Experience for Market Analyst

Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2023
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Recently Evolute opens a vacancy to recruit interns, I directly send the mail to HR with my resume. All students from any Branch were eligible to apply. I will write about the interview experience for the interns.

Telephonic Round : (15 minutes)

It started with the interviewer’s introduction followed by my introduction.

Then the recruiter asked me:-

  • About my college grades for all semesters.
  • The projects I made in college and which technology I used in them.
  • Some basic OOPs concept questions.
  • Some basic DBMS and SQL commands.
  • And what do you understand by the Market Analyst role?

Technical Round : (1 hour Virtual)

It started with the interviewer’s introduction followed by my introduction. The interviewer went through my CV thoroughly. I was asked to speak about myself, my activities in college, and other academic interests. I also had to explain my projects in detail. Then the interviewer asked me about the subjects that I have covered in CS so far. He asked me some basic to medium-level questions about arrays, strings, linked lists, stacks, and queues. Then the interviewer asked me to write some sorting algorithm. After a few other questions, he concluded by asking if I had any questions for him.

And the Geek who is reading this article I would suggest you should thoroughly follow GeeksforGeeks because they have covered all the topics very precisely.

All the best to all GEEKS.

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