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GSK Interview Expereince for Data Analyst

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Hello All,

GSK, one of the biggest pharma companies visited our campus, this was an on-campus drive interview for the 4th year B.Tech CSE / IS students. They were looking for the Data Analytics Role

Interview Process:

  • Shortlisting based on the criteria 
  • Online Assessment: This includes MCQs as well as  SQL questions, I don’t remember the platform where the test was organized
    • Technical Round
    • Managerial HR Round

I got shortlisted for the further process, I think somewhere around 100-120 students were shortlisted for this OA. I cleared the test, as it was on SQL it was somewhat tricky to write the queries, mostly the queries were like using sub-queries and using partitions,  but if you have some hands-on practice with SQL you can clear it, Somewhere around 10-15 students cleared it

I got selected for the technical round, it was online TR,  here comes the most surprising part

The interviewer asked me to introduce myself.

Then he asked me whether I am comfortable with SQL,

He asked me about any projects I did in Academics, I said him my projects, and he asked me to show the  Data analytics project which I did was Sales insight of the XYZ company, as I did it on PowerBI he asked me questions like how did you take Database, how did you connect it with powerBI , Features of PowerBI . I answered him whatever he asked and also said that I was having coursework on data analytics in the 4year so I don’t know much about the tools. He was like yeah whatever you did was good.

He then asked me some SQL queries and asked me write on NOTEPAD and I wrote it.

He then asked me do you know partitions in SQL and I said yes and said him that in OA there were questions based on partitions and he said okay.

Then he asked me about the system design question to design the parking lot in a shopping complex, I said some lame answers, and I said him directly that I don’t the concept of System Design he said okay. 

Then he asked me a few questions:

I asked a few questions which he answered and also gave me some important tips and suggestions and also said to me that whatever you study, deep dive into that.

After this, I thought I wouldn’t be able to make this round. 

Also, surprise few of my friends were also selected for the Technical round, their interviews went very well than mine. For one of my friends, the interviewer asked about the OOPs concept and also asked me to code it in any language and also a few SQL questions. And for other the interviewer asked about the blockchain, he just asked him to explain whatever you know about blockchain 

At last, only 5 of them were selected for the Managerial HR round, surprisingly I was one of them and my friend did not make it.

I got selected for the Managerial HR round, and I was happy that I made it, but it hurts when you are rejected in the HR round without getting any feedback 

So, this was an HR round and it was having 2 panelists, HR asked me to introduce myself, and I did it

Then she asked me about my Internship experience which I had mentioned in the resume, I explained it

Then she asked me a few personality-related questions and I answered them, then she asked me about working /shifts/relocation/training period, I answered everything positively and the round went well 

The next morning I received the mail that only two students were selected.


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Last Updated : 12 May, 2023
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