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Endurance International Group Interview Experience (On-Campus Drive)

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Endurance International Group came to our campus for internship.

Positions: Software Development Engineer Intern and Development Operations Engineer Intern.

It was only open for CS & IT Branch students. Approximately, 370 people sat for the interview process.
Eligibility Criteria – No Backlogs & Minimum 8.5 CGPA

There was a PPT talk, 1 MCQ round, 1 coding round followed by 3 PI rounds.

Round 1 (MCQ):
Time: 30 minutes
Questions: 30 multiple choice questions

The questions were from OS, DBMS, Networking, DS and algorithms, C/C++/Java. The questions were from easy to moderate level.
Approximately 35 people made it to the 2nd round.

Round 2 (Coding round):
Time: 2.5 hours
Questions: 2

Q1 . Select a common string from 3 files.

Example : File 1 contains “Hi I am a student”
File 2 contains “He is principal’s favorite student”
File 3 contains “That student is going to be punished”

Output – student

Q2. Extend the above question for n number o files in a directory

We could use our own laptop using any IDE of our choice. Proper documentation for each language was provided.

5 people made it to the PI.

Round 3 (PI):
Discussions & follow up questions of candidate’s projects & Internships.

Round 4 (PI):
. Schedulers in Operating System
. What is a kernel? State all the functions of the kernel. What is the difference between OS and Kernel?
. What are different kinds of HTTP requests? What is the difference between PUT and POST?
. How does email work? Mention the entire process of sending and receiving an email.
. What is HTTP?
. How does the backend of e-commerce website’s work ?
. What are Threads ? Explain the different types of threads.
. What is the difference between gateway and bridge?
. Why is a MAC address necessary?
. What is DNS? What kind of protocol is used to make a request to the DNS server?
. How does FileZilla work ?
. Explain how git works and the need of VCS.

Questions were asked mainly from OS, DBMS and Networking. Questions were also asked on Projects and Internships which were mentioned in the resume.
A lot of questions were asked. I’ll try to add as many as I can remember and will collect from others.

Round 5 (HR) :

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Your strengths.
  • Where do you see yourself five years from now ?
  • Goals & Ambitions.
  • Do you want to be an entrepreneur ?

Hope it will be helpful to other aspirants.

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Last Updated : 28 Sep, 2017
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