Endurance International Group Interview Experience (on-campus)

Endurance International Group came to our campus for full-time hires.

Positions: Software Engineer and Operations Engineer

It was open to all the branches. Approximately, 450 people sat for the interview process.

There were 1 MCQ round, 1 coding round followed by 3 PI rounds.

Round 1 (MCQ):
Time: 45 minutes
Questions: 45 multiple choice questions
Format: we had to write down our answers on a piece of paper and then upload the answers on their website
designed for the test.

The questions were from OS, DBMS, Networking, DS and algorithms, C/C++. The questions tested basic concepts
of Computer Science and were not too difficult.

Approximately 100 people made it to the 2nd round.

Round 2 (Coding round):

Time: 2.5 hours
Questions: 5

We could use our own laptop using any IDE of our choice. No internet access was provided.

We had to build a simple text processing tool using a language of our choice (C, C++, Java, Python
Ruby, PHP,etc). Documentations were provided for each one of the languages mentioned.

The questions were like this:

Given a file contacts.txt:


Solve the following questions:

1. If “program_name input_file column_no” is executed, print the column from to the input file.

For example, ./awkward contacts.txt 1

The output will be:

2. If “program_name input_file column_no pattern” is executed, print the strings from the given column only if the pattern is
contained in them.

For example, ./awkward contacts.txt 1 mi

The output will be:


3. If “program_name input_file column_no ^pattern ” or “program_name input_file column_name pattern$” is executed, print
the strings from the given column only if:
      a) the strings starts with the given pattern (if ^pattern is provided)
      b) the strings end with the given pattern (if pattern$ is provided)

For example, ./awkward contacts.txt 1 ^Am

The output will be:


4. Now, instead of input_file parameter, a directory name will be given. The program should process all the files contained
in the directory as done in problem 1 to 3.

we have a directory “test” and 2 files “contacts.txt” , “newcontacts.txt” inside it.





./awkward test 1 ^Sh





5. Now, do 1-4 for all the files in the subdirectories given directory name as a parameter. If no matches were found
in any given file, make sure not to print anything corresponding to that file.


command: ./awkward test column_name ^pattern

and pattern matched the files test/subdir1/a.txt and test/subdir2/b.txt






Approximately 15 people made it to the PI.

Questions were asked mainly from OS, DBMS and Networking. Questions were also asked on Projects and Internships which I have mentioned in my resume.
A lot of questions were asked. I’ll try to add as many as I can remember.

Round 3 (PI):

. I was asked what I liked about Computer Science.
. State the entire Boot process of Linux OS.
. What is a kernel? State all the functions of the kernel. What is the difference between OS and Kernel?
. What are different kinds of HTTP requests? What is the difference between PUT and POST?
. How does email work? Mention the entire process of sending and receiving an email.
. What is SMTP?
. What are TCP/IP and UDP? what are the differences between them?
. What are IMAP and POP3? What are the differences between them? Mention a sequence when using POP3 protocol
would be useful.
. What are ARP and RARP protocols?
. Describe the OSI layers.
. What is IP address? What is a MAC address? How do they differ?
. What is the difference between router and switch?
. Why is a MAC address necessary?
. What is DNS? What kind of protocol is used to make a request to the DNS server?
. What kind of protocols are used in Instant Messaging Applications? Why?
. I had mentioned 3 projects in my resume. I was asked to explain the projects in the order of my preference. He asked
me questions on topics related to the project. We had a detailed discussion about the projects and my role in each of these
. What is Normalization? Normalize a given table.
. What is indexing in DBMS?
. What is DDL and DML?
. What is git? Difference between git fork and git merge.
. I was asked which role (Software Engineer/Operations) I would prefer and why?

Round 4 (PI):

. What happens when I type in a URL on the browser address bar and hit “Enter” ? Describe the entire process.
. How does a web server work?
. How does a web server know which resources to fetch based on the request?
. What is DNS? How does a OS know which DNS server to make a request to? Explain DNS hierarchy.
. Explain root DNS server.
. I was asked to explain the projects. Again, we had a detailed discussion on them.
. Explain the email architecture. If an email is sent from a yahoo mail account to a gmail account, how does the email
actually get sent?
. What is virtual memory? What is the need for it?
. How to know the memory usage in Linux?
. How to know the memory usages by various processes in Linux?
. What is a semaphore?
. What is race-condition?
. What is dead-lock?
. What is indexing in DBMS?

Round 5 (PI):

. Questions on a particular project mentioned in the resume.
. Design a cache. I had to ask a lot of questions to get to know the specific requirements of the design. We had a detailed discussion about various approaches. Pros and cons of my design were discussed. I was asked various questions on my choice of data structures. Like, in one of my approaches I had mentioned heap. So, questions were asked about the insertion/deletion/updation in the heap data structure, how it achieves O(logn) for insertion/deletion.
. Questions on threads and locks related to the cache design.
. How would the design be modified if the cache were to be made available for use over a network?

Thanks Geeksforgeeks.

Hope it will be helpful to other aspirants. 🙂

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