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DP World Interview Experience for SDE-1

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021

I had around 2 years of experience in SRI Delhi. I applied through a referral from a friend.

Round 1: Online Assessment

  • This was a 2-hour Hackerrank test and there were 2 questions based on SQL queries, 2 coding questions, and some MCQs.

Round 2: Interview Round 1

Round 3: Interview Round 2

Round 4: Interview Round 3

  • This round was the Hiring Manager round. First, he introduced himself and then asked some normal behavioral questions. Then he asked a coding question.
  • Given a row-wise and column-wise sorted matrix, search an element and then delete that element while maintaining the property of that matrix.
  • The interviewer was very helpful and he gave me some hints, then it clicked me and I wrote the code. There were some compilation errors in the code and the time was less so he asked me to mail the code. Thankfully I resolved the issues and mailed him. The interview didn’t go as great as I would have liked but they gave me another chance and took another round.

Round 5: Interview Round 4

  • I wrote the code for this successfully and the interviewer was happy.
  • Then he gave a question to find pairs of elements in an array such that i < j but arr[i] > arr[j]
  • He gave me a hint to use the divide and conquer approach and I solved the questions with the help of merge sort.
  • Then he asked some questions on multithreading and the difference between threads and process, parallelism, and concurrency. I answered these questions.

After 2-3 hours I got the mail that I was selected.

The great thing about DP World was that the whole process was completed in 10-12 days and I didn’t have to wait for any feedback. I got the feedback immediately after each round in some time.

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