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DP World Interview Experience for SDE-1 2021

  • Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2021


Education: New grad, Tier 1


Round 1(Online Assessment): Online assessment on HackerRank, consisting of 3 coding questions, one was easy array problem and two of them were dp problems ( one was a variation of LPS, didn’t recall the other problem). The total time given was 90 mins.

Virtual Interviews

Round 2(1 hr – 18th Oct): Started with the introduction, then moved to OOPS. Asked basic questions on OOPS and asked me to write the implementation of polymorphism. One basic question on static & dynamic polymorphism.

Then he asks 2 coding questions:

  • Easy array question ( find min & second min of the array ), I did it using two variables.
  • Vertical order traversal ( output should be in ascending order for each level ), I write the code using level order.

Got a call the next day that I was shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3(1 hr – 24th Oct): The interviewer directly started with the coding questions.

He asked 2 questions:

  • Maximise the sum of kth values of the array, but sum should be even. It solved it by dividing values into odd & even collections.
  • Integer to word : ( ) this question with max value < 10000. it was pretty easy as I had already solved this problem

Verdict: Selected

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