Difference between Waterfall Model and Spiral Model

Both the models, Waterfall model and Spiral model are used in software development. Waterfall model is also known as classical or linear model because it follows sequential stages while the spiral model does not follow the sequential stages it follows the evolutionary way. The amount of risk in waterfall model is more as compared to spiral model because the errors or risks are identified and refined after the completion of each stages.

There are some difference between these two models waterfall and spiral model which are given below:

S.NO. Waterfall Model Spiral Model
1. Waterfall model works in sequential method. While spiral model works in evolutionary method.
2. In waterfall model errors or risks are identified and rectified after the completion of stages. In spiral model errors or risks are identified and rectified earlier.
3. Waterfall model is adopted by customers. While spiral model is adopted by developers.
4. Waterfall model is applicable for small project. While Spiral model is used for large project.
5. In waterfall model requirements and early stage planning is necessary. While in spiral model requirements and early stage planning is necessary if required.
6. Flexibility to change in waterfall model is Difficult. Flexibility to change in spiral model is not Difficult.
7. There is high amount risk in waterfall model. There is low amount risk in spiral model.
8. Waterfall model is comparatively inexpensive. While cost of spiral model is very expensive.

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