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Difference between Software Developer and Software Tester

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1. Software Developer : 
Software Developer, as name suggests, is person who is responsible for writing and maintaining source code of computer programming to develop software. It allows user to perform particular tasks on computer devices and also help in maintaining and updating programmer. He/She designs each and every piece of software and then plan how these pieces will work together to develop software.

2. Software Tester :
Software Tester, as name suggests, is person who is responsible for identifying correctness completeness and quality of developed software. It is very important because it ensures that provide developed and delivered is error free which guarantees quality of software. It also reduces maintenance costs, provide better usability and improved functionality.

Difference between Software Developer and Software Tester :


Software DeveloperSoftware Tester
It is responsible for creating individual software.It is responsible for evaluating individual software.
It simply develops software through successive phases in orderly way.It simply evaluates functionality of software application.
Software developers generally write code to develop software.Software tester generally test whether or not code runs as we expected it to run.
They are responsible for helping business to be more efficient to produce system that can be sold on open market.They are responsible for quality of software development and deployment.
Its main aim to make software that is free from errors and bugs.Its aim is to find bugs and errors in software application if present.
They understand problem as soon as possible, improve quality of business, reduce costs, increase flexibility, etc.They report problem as soon as possible, helps in saving money, provide security, and guarantee quality of software.
They not only develop the best software application, but also provide suggestions to improve software application.They not only find bugs, but also find its root cause so that it can be resolved permanently.
Developer should have programming skills, proficiency at writing code, time management skills, etc.Testers should have deep knowledge of system that is being developed, good communication skills, critical thinking, etc.
They generally develop new software product to meet user’s requirement.They generally work with new software so that errors can be reduced or repaired if present.
They mainly focus on user’s requirement while developing software.They mainly focus on behavior of end user while testing software application.


Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2021
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