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Difference between Generic Software Development and Custom Software Development

Last Updated : 14 Jul, 2022
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Generic Software Development: Generic software development is a process executed by the developers that develops the software product. The type of project under this development are product software projects. Usually, this product is made for all types of business needs which has a positive demand in the market over a duration of time. Software development companies develop generic software on their own and handled it to a group of customers having a similar need. 

Custom Software Development: Customer software development is a mechanism by which a company develops the product for an individual client. The type of project under this development are service software projects. Individual client may be a company or group of persons. This product mostly has a distinct need in the market only for a limited time and is for the specialized business needs. Software development companies develop custom software at cost of particular customers. Let’s see the difference between Generic software development and Custom software development:

S.No. Generic software product development Custom software development
1. The generic software development is done for developing a general purpose software. Customer software development is done to develop a software product as per the needs of particular customer.
2. In this development process, the software developers have to depict the end-users specifications. In this development process,  the end-user requirements can be aggregated by communicating by them.
3. From designing and marketing perspective, this type of development is very difficult. This development does not require marketing, because it is developed for appropriate group of users.
4. Large number of users may be using this kind of software. This type of software is used by limited number of users.
5. Quality of the product is not a preference for generic software. Quality is the main criterion in customer software product. Best quality of the product is focused for customer or company.
6. Development team controls the process of generic software development. Customer determines the process of software development in this type of product.
7. Generally the software developed is economical. There may be some hidden costs such as installation and implementation cost. Software product is of high cost as the particular product for customer is developed.
8. Example of generic software product development is Word-editing software. Inventory control and management system are examples of customer software development.

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