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Difference between Regression Testing and Development Testing

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2023
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1. Regression Testing
It is the process of testing the modified parts of the code and the parts that might get affected due to the modifications to ensure that no new errors have been introduced in the software after the modifications have been made. Regression means the return of something and in the software field, it refers to the return of a bug.

Regression testing tests both the modified code and other parts of the code that may be affected by the program modification. It presents many purposes :

  • Find and locate errors in the program
  • Helps in preserving the quality and reliability of a software product
  • It ensures the software’s continued operation

2. Development Testing :
It is a method of applying testing practices consistently throughout the software development life cycle process. This testing ensures the detection of bugs or errors at the right time which further ensures delay of any kind of risk in terms of time and cost. Development Testing aims to establish a framework to verify whether the requirements of a given project are met in accordance with the rules of the mission to be accomplished.

It is helpful because of the following reasons :

  • It enables higher levels of efficiency in the software development life cycle (SDLC)
  • Helps in reducing software errors
  • Speed up the delivery process


Difference between Regression Testing and Development Testing :

Regression Testing Development Testing
In regression testing, test suites and test plans are created. In development testing, we use the existing test suite and test plans.
In this testing, we retest the affected components that have been changed by modifications. In this, all software components are tested.
The budget often does not give time for regression testing. The budget gives time for testing.
Only once the testing is performed on a software product. In development testing, testing of a software product is done many times over the life cycle of a software.
The testing is conducted under the pressure of the release date of the software. The testing is conducted in crisis situations, under greater time constraints.
This type of Testing is about to done on a old system with additional functionalities. This type of Testing is about to done on a new software system.
Regression testing is not the continuous process but it is  process of analyzing any deviations in software. Development Testing is a continuous process and this testing is throughout the development phase  of software.


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