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Difference Between Android Developer and Web Developer

Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2022
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In the world of technology, starting from a small business to a large enterprise every organization requires its market presence digitally. And digital market presence is only possible due to Mobile applications and Websites/Web applications. In the present situation, Android developers have a great demand as every organization needs a mobile app for their business. Also, Web application was in with almost all businesses from the very beginning and will be also. So, the beginners who want to start their career in technology but do not know much about Android development and web development, this article will give a clear idea that what actually the difference between an Android developer and a Web developer.

1. Android Developer:

Android is a Linux based mobile OS (Operating System) and the core of Android is based on Linux Kernel. It is developed by Google. It is opensource means developers can modify and customize the OS for each phone. Different brands of smartphones and tablets use this Android OS. Actually, the IT professionals who build Android supported applications are known as Android Developer. So, in simple Android developers develop applications for android devices.

Benefits of Android app developers:

  • Hot technology and high demand for developers.
  • High paying career.
  • Open source advantages.
  • Easy to start learning.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Job for the future.

Challenges faced by Android Developers:

  • There is a lack of standard/uniform User Interface design rules.
  • Presence of security flaws.
  • Choosing a programming language between Java or Kotlin.
  • Increasing visibility issues in the play store.
  • API compatibility issues.
  • Storage and battery capacity challenges.
  • Software and Hardware Fragmentation.

2. Web Developer:

Web application in short Web app is an application software which is stored on the remote server and performs some specific functions required by the user. It is based on a client-server computer program. Web applications are accessible through a web browser and an active internet connection. Actually, the IT professionals who build various types of web applications are called Web Developer. So, in simple Web Developers develop web sites or web applications.

Benefits of Web developers:

  • Always demand of web developers.
  • Decent Salary
  • Large community and support.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Brings out creativity.
  • Fun and interesting.

Challenges faced by Web Developers:

  • Choosing the right platform and web development framework.
  • Security threats.
  • Developing a scalable and user-friendly product.
  • Maintaining high performance.
  • Doing market study and selecting a good programming language.

Android Developer vs Web Developer



Android developer is an IT professional who develops applications for Android devices. A web developer is an IT professional who develops web sites or web applications. 
They build applications only for android platforms. They build applications not specific to the platform.
The applications developed by android developers can be accessed by an android device with or without the requirement of the internet. The applications developed by web developers can be accessed by any digital device through a browser and active internet connection.
The scope of android app developers is limited as it only develops apps only for android platform. The scope of web development is not limited to any platform as we can access web apps over the internet.
Android development is a little difficult to learn and start as compared to web development. Web development is a little easier to learn and start development than android development.
Knowledge of programming languages like Java, Kotlin, C/C++, XML, Android Studio IDE, API knowledge, etc. is required for an android developer. Knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web framework, various database knowledge, etc. is required for a web developer.
It is a hot technology, every industry increasingly looking for android apps. So there are high career opportunities for android developers. It is a never-ending requirement. Every organization needs a website for its presence on the internet. So there are high career opportunities for web developers.
Examples of some popular mobile applications are WhatsApp, Facebook, Flipkart, Swiggy, etc. Examples of some popular web applications Amazon, Facebook, Yahoo, GeeksforGeeks, etc.

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