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Difference between Full stack developer and Software developer

Last Updated : 14 Sep, 2022
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Should I become a software developer or a full stack developer? This is the most frequent question that comes to the mind of every student? To know the resolution of this question we should know what exactly a full stack developer and software developer do? what is the difference in their working? who’s salary is more? Upon careful examination of this article you would be able to make a decision whether to opt for a full stack developer or software developer ? 1. Full stack developer : A full stack developer manages the back end and Front end development of website or a web app. They handles the database, clients, system engineering and design. Full stack developer are in demand since of their skills and mastery of web development. Because of this huge demand the salary of full stack developers are also high as compared to other jobs. A full stack developer mainly works on web stack, native application stack or mobile stack. Since, they accompany both server side development and client side development, full stack developers head the plan of action and keep a track of the progress of the project. They also assist other developers like backend developers and frontend developers in their work. They enhance the productivity of the team as they can manage multiple tasks at one time. 2. Software developer : While a full stack developer works on web apps, a software developer works on software or native apps which we use in our day to day life. A software developer works on the building of the system and coordinate with other team members. To become a successful software developer a lot of knowledge is required in computer science field and cause of which there is a massive software developers demand in the market and their salary is also hefty. 
Difference between Full stack developer and Software developer :

Parameter Full stack developer Software developer
Accessibility They can work on any part of a web application. They can work on a specific part of a software or application.
Interaction They interact more with other members of the team. They interact comparatively less with team members.
Domain They follow comprehensive access for the buildup of product. They manages a particular step of an software or application.
Work They manages both server- side and client-side development and write programs databases, APIs and design a website. They make software or applications that runs on computers. They made these software, check them and also make sure that they works without any error and hindrances.
Skills They learn system engineering, database management, server management and development of client side and server side. They have knowledge of multiple programming languages such as java, python, C++, C and many other languages. They are also well versed with the basic subjects of CS.
Role in a team They mainly head the team as they help other team members in building a web application. They are a element of a team and work in specific area. They help their fellow team members in building distinct parts of a software.
Product They mainly build websites and web applications. They mainly build a software or an application which helps in a singular purpose such as MS word, MS excel, Skype etc.
Learning path they have to learn back-end, front-end development, database management, programming languages and designing of website. They need to learn basics of computer science subjects, Operating system and multiple programming languages.
Salary In India, the starting salary of a person working as a full stack developer is 9.1 LPA. Startup and big MNC’s pay quite heavy to them because of their ability of managing multiple tasks at once. In India, the starting pay of a person starting as a software developer is 6.1 LPA. Their salary increases gradually with the experience.
Drawbacks Whenever new technologies come in the market it becomes difficult for a full stack developer to learn them and implement that in their working. They should be ready to face problems of distinct types. Most of the times they work solitude so sometimes they fell loneliness and this proves to be a major problem for someone.

Full stack or software development, which one to choose? Hopefully by reading the article you will be able to spot out the differences between software developer and full stack developer. Both are exciting careers and quite well paying. The demand of both the professions are pretty good. To make a selection among the two, you have to find which fascinate you more and are interesting. whether it is applications or website? As a software developer you build complex software whereas a full stack developer you work around web apps or website. So, choose accordingly.

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