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Difference between Software Developer and Software Designer

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1. Software Developer :
Software Developer, as name suggests, is a person who is responsible for identifying, designing, installing and testing software system that they have developed for company to build infrastructure for millions of users and reduce security breaches for customers or users. They are simply creative minds behind computer programs.

2. Software Designer :
Software Designer, as name suggests, is a person who is responsible for identifying design problem and prepare plan for software application that in turn satisfy problem’s functional requirements. They generally require deep knowledge of math and science because it gives privilege of changing functionality and appearance.

Software Developer vs Software Designer :

Software DeveloperSoftware Designer
They are responsible for creating programs that allow users to perform particular task on computer devices.They are responsible for creating new ideas and design computer software.
They generally use knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to develop software products.They generally use research, design, planning techniques and planning tools to create design for software that is needed to be built.
Software developer should have problem-solving skills, knowledge of different programming languages, good organization skills, etc.Software designer should learn and explore different prototyping tools, coding skills, staying inspired, good designing skills, etc.
They are responsible for developing software that can be easy to read, should be correct and meet user’s requirement.They are responsible for creating design that should be simply so that it can be easily maintainable by other designers.
They need to produce high quality software, maintain feasibility, meet project requirements, etc.They need to maintain efficiency and consistency, provide flexibility, etc.
They usually write code to implement approach for software product.They usually laying out overall design approach for software product.
Software developers can do work of software designer.Software designer cannot do work of software developer.
There responsibilities include designing, implementing, managing, testing and evaluating new programs, writing and implementing efficient code, etc.There responsibilities include problem-solving and planning for software product, design, analyze customer needs, create and test software applications, etc.
Their work is more complex, difficult and hard to understand as compared to software designer.Their work is less complex, easy and simple to understand as compared to software developer.


Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2021
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