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Difference between Scalability and Stress Testing

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  • Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2019
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Scalability Testing:
Scalability testing is carried out to ensure that a software product can manage the scheduled increase in user traffic, data volume, transaction counts frequency and many other things. It tests the system, processes or databases ability to meet a growing need. It is a type of software testing in which the performance of a software application, system, network or process is tested in terms of its capability to scale up or scale down the number of user request load or other such performance attributes.

Stress Testing:
Stress Testing is a type of software testing that is carried out to find the robustness of software by testing beyond the limits of normal operation. Stress testing is particularly important for critical software. Stress testing emphasizes on robustness, availability and error handling under a heavy load rather than on what is correct behavior under normal situations.

Difference between Scalability and Stress Testing:

Scalability TestingStress Testing
It is used to scale the performance of the software under user request load.It is used to test the software’s behavior under sudden heavy load.
It tests the response time under heavy request load.It only tests the performance of the software.
In scalability testing, load is varied slowly.In stress testing, load is varied abruptly.
It is performed to find the threshold load.It is carried out to find the system recovery ability after sudden failure.
It tests CPU and memory usage.It doesn’t test such attributes.
It is used to test server-side robustness.It is used to test client-side robustness.
It tests client-side degradation.It tests server-side degradation.
It tests end user experience under heavy load.It test experience under sudden change in load.

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