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Difference between Project Report and Synopsis Report

Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2020
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1. Project Report :
Project Report, as name suggest, is simply report that provide general state of project and helps in determining whether project is performed as per plan or not.

2. Synopsis Report :
Synopsis Report, as name suggests, is simply report that give small summary about what exactly project or composition is about so it makes it easier for one to understand

Difference between Project Report and Synopsis Report :

Project Report Synopsis Report
It mainly focuses on providing information regarding proposed business. It mainly focuses on providing summary of entire project.
It does not have a specific format. It does have a specific format.
Factors affecting project report include time complexity, no expertise, lack of understanding, unable to track risks and issues, etc. Factors affecting research report includes improper investigation, wrong information, style factors, etc.
Its benefits include increase project success, identifying risks, cost management, proper process management, visibility, etc. Its benefits include identification of knowledge gaps, increasing thinking process, better understanding, improve designing, etc.
Its main objective is to track current progress of project against original plan. Its main objectives is to highlight points about what exactly composition is about.
It includes information regarding economic, technical, financial. managerial, and product aspects. It includes introduction, title, objective, material and methods, operational definition, etc.
It is generally submitted to bankers. It is generally submitted to supervisor or head of departments or organizations.
It is more difficult to understand and handle than Synopsis Report It is less difficult to understand and handle than Project Report.
Type of project report includes status report, baseline reports, time tracking report, project health report, team availability report, etc. There are no such type of synopsis report.

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