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Difference between General Management and Project Management

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1. General Management :
General Management, as name suggests, is simply managing, coordinating and controlling operations, usage of available resources, and time to achieve specified goal or objectives of organization.

2. Project Management :
Project Management, as name suggests, is simple planning, organizing, controlling, and monitoring all procedures, project, resources, to achieve objectives or goals of organization and as well as fulfilling requirements of clients.

Difference between General Management and Project Management :

General Management Project Management
It mainly focuses on management of general activities. It mainly focuses on management of project and related tasks.
General manager should have various skills such as Strategy and development, capable of managing conflicts, team-building skills, etc. Project manager should have various skills such as Leadership, risk management, communication skills, technical skills, problem-solving skills, etc.
Its main aim is to manage all resources of company and oversee daily operations. Its main aim is to complete project with fulfilling requirements of clients or customers on specified time.
It is a continuous process. It is a temporary process.
General manager only work within organizational premises. Project manager not only work within organizational premises, but they also can work outside organizational premises.
General manager have to oversee operations or functions daily and manage them through resources, tools, etc. There role is never ending. When project gets closed once it achieve required goals or objectives, then project manager role is completed and ended.
General manager have unlimited authority over their staff. Project manager does not have any authority over their staff.
General management requires general manager having skills of general management to lead various projects. Project management requires project manager having skills of solving, improving, correcting problems.
Main focus of general manager is on capability of team members working within organization. Main focus of project manager is on requirements of project.

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Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2020
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