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Difference between Project Report and Business Report

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1. Project Report : Project Report, as name suggest, is simply report that help in making decision and determining whether or not project is executed as per plan. 2. Business Report : Business Report, as name suggests, is simply report that helps organization or company to make choice and allow business owners and senior managers opportunity to identify and solve any type of issues that is identified.
Difference between Project Report and Business Report :
Project Report Business Report
It mainly focuses on providing details on overall picture of business proposal. It mainly focuses on determining critical analysis about performance of business.
It does not have a specific format. It does have a specific format.
Factors affecting project report include time complexity, improper communication, unable to handle, unavailability of expertise, cost related issues, etc. Factors affecting business report includes technological and political factors, time complexity, neglecting qualitative information, etc.
Its benefits include identifying risks, improve communication, manage and control of project, increase performance, improve communication, etc. Its benefits include provide information, monitoring operations procedures within company or organization, evaluate investment proposals.
Its main objective is to determine profitability of given project proposal.   Its main objectives is to evaluate and analysis issues, circumstances and financial operations so that decisions can be taken.
It includes manufacturing process, land and buildings, details of suppliers, cost and assets, employees qualification, work experience, etc. It includes data, research, information, essential details that help one to make decision and form plan as well as objective.
It is less difficult to understand and handle than business report. It is more difficult to understand and handle than project report.
Type of project report includes risk report, executive report, resource report, variance report, etc. Type of business report includes analytical report, progress report, annual report, conference report, etc.
It is generally submitted to bankers. It is generally submitted to heads of various departments or organizations.

Last Updated : 27 Nov, 2020
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