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Difference between Network Engineer and Software Engineer

  • Last Updated : 02 Mar, 2021

1. Network Engineer :

A network engineer is a type of technological profession where the engineers are highly skilled on connectivity of the network, securing the network, improving the network, providing support to the network etc. A network services can be wireless or wired. Voice calls, videos calls, data transferring are belongs to wireless network services.

To provide the maximum network infrastructure is the main goal for a network engineer. The major subject is Computer Science to become a Computer Network Engineer. This type of network engineering deals to making plan, design and some technological specification related to network and connectivity. That’s why a network engineer has more responsibilities than any other type of engineers. Their job is to giving the world a better network to sustain on the server and doing activities for the users.

A network engineers salary range is annually from $46,500 to $115,000, which is purely depends upon their experiences and skills.

The Direct method for being a network engineer is to get a vendor certificate which is known as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). There are some other certificates are there such as :

  1. CCIE
  2. CCNP
  4. WCNA
  5. CompTIA Network+ etc.

Responsibilities Of A Network Engineer :-

  • Planning for new ideas for network infrastructure and modifying the existing network.
  • Making solution like upgrading infrastructure and collecting stuffs for troubleshooting.
  • Before planning any idea need to make a blueprint for any network related problems.
  • Creating backups , before installing any software or any hardware in the system.

Types Of Network Engineer  :-

  1. Network Specialist
  2. Network Technician
  3. Network Administrator
  4. Network Analyst
  5. Network Manager
  6. Network Engineer
  7. Network Solution Architect

2. Software Engineer :

A person who design, develop, perform testing , provides maintenance and evaluation of Computer Software is called as Software Engineer (SWE). Most of the software engineers were works as a employee. Some were works with businesses and for Government agencies. Some are in private non -profit organization as a software engineer.

In a project a software engineer have some specialization roles , such as :

In Industries :

  1. Analysts
  2. Architects
  3. Developers
  4. Testers
  5. Technical Supporters
  6. Managers

In Academics :

  1. Educators
  2. 2. Researchers

A entry-level Software engineers can earn $3,300 per annual with less than 1years of experience. The average Software engineers salary is around $5,330. A mid-level Software engineer with 5-9 years of experiences earns around $9,877 annual in India.

As this persons experiences and skills are rise, likewise his earnings will also raised. According to Indian Software Engineer, A senior-level Software engineers earnings is $14,430 per annum.

Types Of Software Engineer Roles :-

  1. Front-End Engineer
  2. Back-End Engineer
  3. Full Stack Engineer
  4. Software Engineer in Test (QA Engineer)
  5. Develops Engineer
  6. Security Engineer

Responsibilities Of Software Engineer :-

  • To identifying the problem and improving the system.
  • Developing the stable Operating procedure.
  • Improving and maintaining the old codebase to review and change them.
  • Implementing technical design.
  • Planning for new technologies.

Difference between Network Engineer and Software Engineer :




01.A network engineer is responsible for planning, designing, and deploying network infrastructure.A software engineer is responsible for designing, developing, testing, deploying and maintaining software systems. 
02.Those engineers are mainly focus on problem-Solving.Those engineers are mainly focus on creating software or application.
03.Here the annual salaries is from $56,000 to $1,50,000. Average is $72,362.Here the annual salaries is from $63,000 to $1,30,000.Average is $92,046.
04.It requires Cisco ,Microsoft ,Juniper Networks. It requires Certified Internet Web Professional Certifications. 
05.Network engineers are typically works for 40hours in a week but in case of SMBs, they need to deal with troubleshooting even their shifts are over.Software engineers are typically works for standard 40hours in a week.
06.Bachelor Of Business Administration and then Master’s In Business Administration or computer science before applying.Bachelor Of Computer Application Or Bachelor Of Science and then Master’s In Computer Application before applying.
07.Main task is design and build Network.Main task is write software for system.


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