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Difference between Project Engineer and Mechanical Engineer

Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2020
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1. Project Engineer :
Project Engineer, as name suggest, is simply a person or engineer who is responsible for design of manufacturing and processing facilities as well as manage project team resources and training.

2. Mechanical Engineer :
Mechanical Engineer, as name suggests, is simply a person or employee who is responsible for designing tools, machines and processes to meet customer requirements and ensure that it is safe, reliable and efficient.

Difference between Project Engineer and Mechanical Engineer :

Project Engineer Mechanical Engineer
It mainly focuses on delivering successful project outcome. It mainly focuses on designing tools and machines.
Skills required for project engineer includes decision making ability, time management skills, project management skills, etc. Skills required for mechanical engineer includes commercial awareness, problem-solving skills, good and effective technical skills, etc.
Their responsibilities includes perform quality control, review engineering deliverable, troubleshoot problems and issues, etc. Their responsibilities includes assessing project requirements, using computer aided design software, maintain and modifying equipment, etc.
Factors affecting project engineer performance includes poor knowledge of design, no working experience, lack of supervision skills, etc. Factors affecting mechanical engineer performance includes lack of creativity level, lack of interpersonal skills, poor written skills, etc.
Its process include prepare, schedule, coordinate and monitor all assigned engineering and technical projects. Its process include researching, designing, building, and testing all mechanical devices such as tools, machines, engines, etc.
Its main objective is to complete engineering and construction projects and increase productivity. Its main objective is create technologies simply to meet wide range of human requirements.
Its benefit includes in-depth planning, improve motivation, reduce costs and time required, increase quality, etc. Its benefit includes ensure safety, design new products, develop testing processes, increase customer satisfaction, etc.
Project engineer tasks are less difficult than Mechanical Engineer tasks. Mechanical Engineer tasks are more difficult than Project Engineer tasks.
It cannot handle role of Mechanical Engineer. Its role is limited and therefore cannot handle role of project engineer.

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