Difference between EIS and Traditional Information System

1. Executive Information System (EIS) :
EIS is defined as a system that helps the high-level executives to take policy decisions. This system uses high level data, analytical models and user friendly software for taking decisions. It is a structured, automated tracking system that operates continuously to keep everything managed. It provides exception and status reporting capabilities.

Advantages :

  • Easy to use.
  • Ability to analyze the trends
  • Time management
  • Efficiency
  • Enhances business problem solving

Disadvantages :

  • Functions are limited.
  • Difficult to keep current data.
  • System can run slow.
  • Less reliable.

2. Traditional Information System :
Traditional Information Systems were built around different functions, departments that do not talk to each other and thus cannot automatically exchange information. Managers might have a hard time assembling data they need to handle the operations.

Advantages :

  • Formal review at the end of each phase allows maximum management control.
  • This approach creates considerable system documentation.
  • Formal documentation ensures that system requirements can be traced back to stated business needs.
  • It produces many intermediate products that can be reviewed to see whether they meet the users needs and reach upto the standards.

Disadvantages :

  • Users get a system that meets the needs as understood by the developers. So, this might not be what the users really need.
  • Documentation is expensive.
  • Time-Consuming
  • Users cannot easily review intermediate products and evaluate them as per their need.

Difference between EIS and Traditional Information System :

EIS Traditional Information System
It is handled by top level of management. Handled by lower staff.
Information is provided by online tools and analysis. Information is provided by offline status reporting.
Information sources are more external and less internal. Information sources are internal.
Facility to go through details at successive levels is available. Facility to go through details at successive levels is not available.
Information comes in the form of text with graphics. Information comes in the form of table.
It is user-friendly. It is computer-operator generated.

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