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Difference between Cloud Storage and Traditional Storage

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1. Cloud Storage : 
Cloud storage is the storage option in which we use remote drives to store the data at the cloud location used by the client. It also uses the network to store the data to an off-site server which is owned by the service provider. User uses this storage options for capacity, bandwidth, and remote access. 

Features of Cloud Storage : 

  • Cloud storage offers a variety of data security options.
  • These storage options are easily accessible with every internet-connected device.
  • Faults are easily traceable in cloud-based storage.
  • Setting up and cloud storage is way more effective and easy than traditional ones.

2. Traditional Storage : 
Traditional storage is the storage option in which we use local physical drives to store the data at the primary location of the client. User generally uses the disk-based hardware to store data and these are used for copying, managing, and integrating the data to software. 

Features of Traditional Storage :  

  • Traditional storage is fast as they do not rely on internet speeds.
  • Security can be manually set up by the user in traditional storage options.
  • Users can recover the data anytime without having accessibility issues.
  • On-site backup and modification are easy.

Differences between Cloud Storage and Traditional Storage : 

ParametersCloud StorageTraditional Storage
PerformanceCloud storage perform better due to using NoSQL.Traditional storage perform a bit slow as compared to cloud.
MaintenanceThis type of storage options are easy to maintain as you use and service provider takes care of maintenance.This storage are heavy to manage as you need to manually run through maintenance tools.
ReliabilityCloud storage are highly reliable as it takes less time to get under functioning.Traditional storage requires high initial effort and is less reliable.
File SharingCloud storage supports file sharing dynamically as it can be shared anywhere with network access.Traditional storage requires physical drives to share data and network is to established between both.
File access timeIn this system file access time is dependent on the network speed.This system has fast access time as compared to cloud storage.
SecurityCloud storage are more secure as it integrates with many security tools.Traditional storage are secure with they can get attacked easily through virus and malwares.
ApplicationsAmazon Drive, Dropbox, AutoSync are some applications of cloud storage.HHD, SSD and Pendrives are some applications of traditional storage.
Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2021
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