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Difference between CRM and ECRM

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  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2020

Now a days internet has changed everything and also the business standards, procedures, management are not out of it. Internet has brought a lot technological change to the business world. In the beginning when CRM was the only way of establishing customer relationship and to take business ahead now it has been slowly replaced by eCRM and it has a great impact on the growth of business. So now lets understand the difference between them deeply.

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) :
CRM refers to Customer Relationship Management. It includes the processes and systems which enable a business to form, manage and track relationships and communications with its customers for the growth of the business but CRM is based on traditional system like web based and retail store, telephone or fax customer contact. In Customer Relationship Management nature of relationship is simple and static.

2. Electronic Customer Relationship Management (ECRM) :
eCRM refers to Electronic Customer Relationship Management. It is a step ahead of CRM and it is the adaption of CRM in a E-Commerce environment and through internet. Here every communication occurs through internet like from obtaining customer support to online purchase, customer relationship management to customer feedback/suggestion collection everything. In Electronic Customer Relationship Management the nature of relationship is complex and dynamic.

Difference between CRM and ECRM :

01.CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.E-CRM stands for Electronic Customer Relationship Management.
02.CRM applies traditional tools and standards to perform its operation.E-CRM applies electronic/digital tools and standards to perform its operation.
03.In CRM customer contact is initiated through retail store, telephone or fax.Along with telephone, in E-CRM customer contact is initiated through the internet, email, wireless, mobile and PDA technologies. CRM Customer service is time and space constraint.Customer service can be provided at any time from any location.
05.In Customer Relationship Management wide area coverage is not possible.In Electronic Customer Relationship Management wide area coverage possible.
06.In CRM quick response is possible through telephonic call.In E-CRM quick response may or may not happen poor response
07.In CRM system is designed around products and job function.In E-CRM system is designed around customer needs.
08.Customer Relationship Management is more effective.In eCRM optional response limits its effectiveness.
09.It may or may not provide so attractive options.It provides attractive options as it uses audio visual features, animations etc.
10.In CRM web based applications needs PC clients and also which needs to be downloaded separately in various platforms.In Electronic Customer Relationship Management no such requirement, internet is the backbone and the browser is the customers portal to e-CRM.
11.In CRM the nature of relationship is simple and static.In eCRM the nature of relationship is complex and dynamic.
12.CRM implementation is longer and management is costly as the system is situated at various locations and on several servers.In E-CRM reduced time and cost. System implementation and expansion can be managed on one location and on one server.
13.Customization of information is possible but requires little changes in system.Customization of information for each person is very easy.
14.Innovation is optional in CRM.Innovation is necessary in E-CRM.
15.In CRM the data is secured as there is no involvement of internet and no additional cost is incurred for data security.In eCRM the data is not so secured as there is involvement of internet but security can be provided with firewalls etc and additional cost is incurred for data security.

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