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Difference between Angular 5 and ReactJS

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1. Angular5 : 
Angular 5 is a later version of the AngularJS that came after Angular 4, developed by Google to help developers in creating apps fast, as it removed unnecessary codes. Angular 5 is more advanced and has its own set of features like build optimizer, compiler improvements, and code-sharing feature. It was launched on 1st November 2017. 

2. ReactJS : 
ReactJS is a declarative, dynamic, and extensible JavaScript library utilized for building the front-end or user interface of an application. It is an open-source, component-based front end library responsible only for the view layer of web application and mobile application. It is provided and managed by Facebook. 

Difference between Angular 5 and ReactJS : 


  Angular 5 ReactJS
1. It was developed by Google. It was developed by Facebook.
2. It is a robust JavaScript based standalone framework. It is a lightweight Javascript based library.
3. It works on MVC architecture. While it works on MVP architecture.
4. In Angular 5, unit testing is easy as compared to ReactJS. In ReactJS, unit testing is complex as compared to Angular 5
5. It provides templates through dynamic HTML attributes which makes application functional easy. It provides underscore templates, not fully featured.
6. Angular 5 is slow in performance in case of small data sets. ReactJS is faster in performance in case of small data sets.
7. It is generally suited for building single page applications,large and multi paged web applications also. It is used for small and single page applications.


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Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2020
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