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1. Angular5 : Angular 5 is a later version of the AngularJS that came after Angular 4, developed by Google to help developers in creating apps… Read More
Angular 8 is a client-side TypeScript based, front-end web framework by Google. Angular 8 is a great, reusable UI (User Interface) library for the developers… Read More
Events in AngularJS can be added using the Directives mentioned below: ng-mousemove: Movement of mouse leads to the execution of event. ng-mouseup: Movement of mouse… Read More
Angular 4 was released 5 years after the official release of AngularJS. Between these two versions, Angular 2 was introduced which was a complete re-write… Read More
A span element is used to group in-line elements in a document. It can be used to make a hook to a particular part of… Read More
Angular is a platform or framework to build client-based applications in HTML and TypeScript. It is written in TypeScript. It implements core and optional functionality… Read More
Scope in AngularJS is the binding part of HTML view and JavaScript controller. When you add properties into the scope object in the JavaScript controller,… Read More