Deutsche Bank Interview Experience- On Campus

Round 1: The first round was Aptitude Test. There were 10 questions out of which 2 were programming questions and the rest were MCQs. The level of difficulty was quite fair. Programming questions were more of logic based and less of syntax based. MCQs were straight forward from overall computer engineering domain. Out of almost 200 students who applied for aptitude test, around 20 were shortlisted.

Round 2: For further rounds, they had arranged a pool campus interview at their office. There were 4 rounds of interview after clearing the aptitude test. The first round was purely technical round. Questions were asked on basic data structures, database queries. They first enquired about what my strong areas are and then questioned me according to that. Since I said my strong areas are Data Structures and Algorithms, my questions were mostly based on that. Puzzles were also asked in between to check your problem solving ability. Questions on Core Java were asked like which is the base class of all the classes in Java, 4 ways to create an object in Java and so on. Nearly 50 students appeared for this round(as it was pool campus), out of which, 25 were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 3: The next round was also technical round. Questions were mostly based on OOPS concepts like inheritance, overloading, overriding, multithreading, etc. No puzzles were asked.

Round 4: Round 4 was Techno-HR round wherein I was asked to draw the structural diagram of my project. Some basic technical questions were asked related to my project. Remaining questions were from HR.

Round 5: Round 5 was purely HR. We discussed all of my projects. I was asked about the contribution I made to my projects and the technologies I had used so far.

They made us wait till 10.30 p.m. at their office to announce the results and finally they shortlisted 10 students out of 25.

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