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Deutsche Bank Interview Experience for Internship | On-Campus 2021 – Virtual

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Round 1 : Aptitude test

It was an aptitude test including 10 MCQs (4 marks each) and 2 coding questions (25 marks each).

Time Duration : 1:30 hr. You can switch between the questions.

MCQs were basic and based on Data Structures, Operating Systems, DBMS and Computer Networks. I could solve 8 of them correctly. 

Coding questions :

1) It was based on Dynamic Programming.

An array of costs was given. You can either take two jumps forward or one jump backward. If you land on a particular index, you have to add the cost to your total. Find the minimum cost needed to cross the array or reach the end of the array. 

Input: 5 (No. of elements in an array)

          [1 2 3 4 100] (Array)

output: 10


Path will be 1->3>2>4->out of the array. cost = 1+3+2+4 =10.

2) I don’t remember this question clearly. But it was if-else based question.

I could solve 1 question completely and other one partially. 

Make sure that you pass as much test cases as you can because each test case carries marks and that affects your result. Never leave the code blank. At least try to hard code to pass some test cases.

Out of 100+ candidates 11 were selected for 2nd round.

Round 2 :  Technical Interview

This round held over Skype Business call. Each one was given a time duration of 45 minutes.

After a warm welcome he started asking technical questions.

1) What are Interfaces and how to implement interfaces?

2) What is diamond problem?

3) What are pure virtual functions and virtual functions?

4) What are vectors? (The only question he asked me about Data Structures)

5) What is function overloading and function overriding?

6) Multi-threading and Multi-tasking.

7) Non-blocking I/O (Because I had mentioned about Node JS)

8) Write a function to convert a string “a3b4c2” to “aaabbbbcc”.

9) What are CSS classes and id?

10) Different SQL joins.

11) Difference between SQL and NoSQL databases.

12) Class is given. Convert a string into integer without accessing the function with ‘.’ operator. (make a constructor)

13) Some questions based on projects. 

Though questions seems easy but each one of them was followed by an example.

Out of 11 candidates 6 were selected for 3rd round.

Note : If you don’t know the answer simply accept it. Don’t give fake information. They will catch you.

Round 3 : Professional Fitness round

Interviewer was Pretty cool. 

Started with tell me about yourself.

He asked me about the project which I am proud of. (He was quite impressed by project idea.)

What is your biggest failure?

What if you don’t get this internship?

What do you know about Deutsche Bank?

Any questions for me?

It lasted for 20 minutes.

Out of 6 candidates 4 were selected for 4th round.

Round 4 : HR round

It was just a check on family background ,some projects and hobbies.

Why Deutsche Bank?

Any questions for me?

Make sure you ask a question. It shows your interest in company.

All 4 candidates selected for internship including me. 🙂

Hope this will help you !!

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2020
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