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Deloitte Interview Experience | Set 4

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 20 Mar, 2017

I have recently faced an interview with Deloitte US, I would like to share the experience for fellow geeks.

The entire process consist of 6 rounds(1 Written, 2 Technical, 1 English, 1 Director, 1 HR).

The written test was outsourced to a third party(cocubes) , consisting of 30 MCQs to be solved in 30 mins.

These are all technical questions with various kind of difficulty level. Few programs in predict the output questions has compilation failures, thus one need to be extra careful before answering the questions.

Next technical round consist of F2F interviews, I was asked the following questions:

  1. What do you mean by multi threading in JAVA?
  2. How can a deadlock occur?
  3. How can you break a deadlock.
  4. What is volatile keyword?
  5. Name an feature in J2EE, which you like.
  6. How can you create threads in JAVA and all other Thread method details.
  7. They will ask you questions from your CV specific skills, so don’t write anything you don’t know.

3rd Technical Round was another F2F round mainly coding related.

  1. A table was given with columns like {EMPID, EMPNAME, DEPTID, SAL}, they will ask you to find the 6th highest salary receiver department wise. I have solved using JAVA, they then asked for SQL.
  2. There is a REST service which can consume data only with double quotes(“”), now there is another REST service provider which is not wrapping the numbers into quotes, and sending it. You need to wrap the numbers into quotes before sending it to the recipient service.
  3. Name different types of sorting.
  4. Difference between ArrayList and Vectors and LinkedList, etc.
  5. There were few kind of a hr questions were also asked.(like your weak points, points you would like to suggests to supervisor, etc).

4th round was a English Test from yet another outsourced vendor( Please check this site they have sample questions.

5th round was a Directorial round where senior manager kind of a person will give you insights of different aspects of projects and services. If shifts are there, why do you want to leave your present organization, why do you want to join Deloitte etc.

6th round was Salary negotiation round.

Interview Tips:

  1. Be confident.
  2. Don’t give any bluff in CV.
  3. Try to bring the interviewer into your comfort zone rather than his.
  4. Remember, you are looking for better opportunity, so be bit relaxed.
  5. Practice SQL a bit.

Thanks, everyone and all the best.
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