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Deloitte Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

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Deloitte conducted on-campus recruitment in our college. They shared the list of eligible candidates and around 185 students were eligible to take the test.

Round 1: Online Test (AMCAT Platform)

Test Timing: 95 minutes

The first round was an online test consisting of three sections:

  • English (25 Questions in 25 minutes)
  • Logical Reasoning (24 Questions in 35 minutes)
  • Aptitude (25 Questions in 35 minutes)

The level of questions was easy to moderate. Only one question was visible at a time. Attempt maximum questions to qualify for the next round. And try to submit quickly the results come out and Out of 650 students, 90 qualified for the next round in our college.

Round 2: Technical Interview(12 august)

In this round, they mainly are interested to check our subject knowledge, communication skills, and problem-solving skills. The interview was of 45 minutes duration.

  • The interviewer was very friendly and asked me to introduce myself to him and started the interview.
  • The flow of execution of my Project (any one project)
  • Why do you use MongoDB?
  • If clients give you to make an application like a clone of something (Facebook) then which queries arise in your mind (ask any 5 queries)?
  • To sort the graph, which algorithm is used?
  • If you are working on new technology, and you don’t have any knowledge of that. How can you handle it?
  • About certifications?
  • SQL query Sum of all the salaries of employees whose name is “Rohit”
  • What are your outside interests apart from the study?
  • Why Deloitte?
  • Tell me any disadvantages of Deloitte?
  • Have you any questions for me?

Out of 90 students, 30 got selected after this round.

My Interview Experience: The interview started with an introduction. Then he started scanning my resume. Then he asked me to explain my project. I was prepared for it and told her everything about it. He was satisfied with my explanation.

Preparation Tips:

  • Positivity, communication, and confidence matter most.
  • Prepare your resume well. Most of the questions will be asked from that only.

Verdict: Selected


-Article by Jyoti Harode

Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2021
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