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Deloitte Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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I am a final year student at NIT Jalandhar pursuing my bachelor’s in Instrumentation and Control Engineering. Recently, my campus placement started and Deloitte visited our campus for the profile of Associate consultant. Eligibility criteria for which were students having CGPA >= 7.0.0

My interview experience with Deloitte:

First-round was the aptitude test which had 4 to 5 sections of qualitative, quantitative, verbal, reasoning, etc. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the test was conducted 

Online in a webcam proctored manner.

I attempted the test which had medium difficulty. In my experience, the key to crack the exam is to practice aptitude sections from INDIABIX because most of the 

Questions asked had the same patterns and the same solving methods.

After one week, the results were announced and I qualified for the aptitude test and I had received an email with instructions for a further round of processes. 

The interview process consists of two steps :

  1. PPT presentation by company HRs in which they told us about how the company works, company goals, culture, and also told us about the detail of roles. 
  2. JAM (just a minute): HR gives a topic randomly and you have to speak for one minute on that topic on a Zoom call.

In this round HR in my panel asked me to choose one number between 1 and 20 randomly. I chose 7, and then she told me the topic was “Inclusion of AI in Health Sector”.  I asked her for some time to prepare some key points before I speak on the topic.

 After about 15 seconds she asked me to start and then I introduced myself and then speak on the given topic for one minute.

Things to remember for this activity:

  • Introduce yourself before starting the topic.
  • Speak clearly and loudly.
  • Always conclude the topic in the given one minute.

After one hour the results were announced and I made it to the list of shortlisted students for the Personal Interview round.

Personal Interview: For this round, there was special Google meet links and time slot provided for each candidate, and we have to be present 5 minutes before the given time. I was there in front of HR and was nervous because that was the final round for selection but the HR was quite nice and the first thing he asked me was “have you taken your meal??” and I nodded positively and asked him the same. My interview started with the question “tell me something about yourself.” and then I just started to introduce myself including my studies, hobbies, skills, etc.

After this, he asked me about my projects which I had mentioned in my CV and explained to him thoroughly about languages, technologies, and tools I used to complete those projects.

After discussing my projects there were some questions on “Guess Strategy”. He asked me to suppose you have an idea for developing a product in your mind 

Then tell me the procedure you will follow from the stage of the idea of the product to the launching of that product.

Then after the technical questions, he asked some more HR questions like ” what are your expectations from Deloitte?” and “what are my future plans ?”, ” Is there

Any chance for higher studies??” “Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years??” etc..

After 15-20 minutes of the interview, he just asked me to wait for the results and wished me luck for the future.

Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2020
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